Ghost of Tsushima Singing Crickets Locations Guide

Are you having trouble finding the locations of all the singing crickets in Ghost of Tsushima? Don’t worry we got you covered as in the following guide we have briefly described how you can reach the locations where you can find the Ghost of Tsushima Singing Crickets.

Ghost of Tsushima Singing Crickets Locations

There are 20 Singing Crickets in the game which can let you play new songs with a flute and based on these songs the weather will change. These Singing Crickets can be heard as you get closer to them, indicating their location.

Weather plays an important role in combat. Particular weather will even help you avoid enemies in the game; Singing crickets therefore play and important role in the game.

The locations of the Singing crickets have been mentioned below based on the regions they can be found in for the sake of convenience.

Go through the guide completely to be able to access all the Singing Cricket Locations across Tsushima.

Izuhara Singing Crickets

There are ten singing crickets to find in this region of the map. They are all mentioned below.

Golden Forest Singing Crickets
Go to the east from the settlement in the Golden forest till you reach the cemetery in Ariake. You will find a small enemy camp here, kill the enemies and get the Singing cricket from the cage under the tree.

Wolf Club Falls Singing Crickets
You will find crickets in the graveyard found next to Wolf Club Falls. Go southwest of the falls and you will find an unmarked grave on the right to your road.

Azamo Bay Singing Crickets
Go northwest from Azamo Bay and find an unmarked graveyard here. You’ll find a cage with singing crickets.

Takuzudama Cemetery Singing Crickets
Go south of the mouth of the river to the Takuzudama Cemetery. Find the unmarked grave here which is surrounded by candles.

Exile’s Bluff Singing Crickets
Go to the cemetery east of Exile’s Bluff and find the unmarked graveyard here.

Golden Temple Singing Crickets
Go to the northeast side of the Golden Summit Shrine, you will find an enemy group in this small area. Collect these singing crickets from a cage after finishing these enemies.

Yoichi’s Crossroads Singing Crickets
Go southeast to the Yoichi’s Slope in the map. Move to your right where you will come across lanterns and decorations. These singing crickets will be found inside a cage.

Old Woodman’s Canopy Singing Crickets
Head on north to find an unmarked graveyard. You will find these crickets present outside of a cage.

Komatsu Forge Graveyard Singing Crickets
Go to the east side of forge where you will find crickets in a cage.

Yagata Forest Singing Crickets
Go to northeast of Yagata forest where you will find Singing Crickets in an unknown cemetery

Toyotama Singing Crickets

There are a total of seven singing crickets to find in the Toyotama portion of the map.

Old Clan’s Hill Singing Crickets
Go to the cemetery in Old Clan’s Hill located the west from Yarikawa village. You will find a cage in southern edge of the graveyard with crickets.

Turtle Rock Singing Crickets
Go to the cemetery on top of Old Toyotama Hills right to the southeast of Turtle Rock Shrine. This shrine is located on the border of Kushi and Kubara Castles. You’ll find the crickets in this cemetery.

Stairway Falls Singing Crickets
Go to the northeast of Omi Lake. You will find a cemetery in moss-covered stones just to the north of Serene Forest and the Stairway Falls in Kubara prefecture.

Serene Forest Singing Crickets
Go to the graveyard located along the river on the north side of the Serene Forest, right next to river east of Omi Lake.

Shimura Cemetery Singing Crickets
Go to Shimura Cemetery located below the Kubara Falls on the south of the castle in Kubara.

Fort Koyasan Singing Crickets
Go to the cemetery north of Fort Koyasan but south of the Kubara prefecture. On the east side of the Shimura Cemetery you will find the cricket cage.

Urashima’s Village Singing Crickets
Go to the cemetery on the peninsula, north of Urashima’s Village and east of the lake in Kushi. The cemetery is located between Urashima’s Village and the Cloud Ridge Shrine


Kamiagata region has a total of three singing crickets to find, they are mentioned below.

Guardian’s Ridge Singing Cricket Location
Go left to the village of Sago to find a cemetery on top of Guardian’s Ridge.

Tsurara Otoshi Cliffs Singing Cricket Location
Go to the north of temple in Jokagu to find the cemetery east of Tsurara Otoshi Cliff.

Mount Jogaku Singing Cricket
You will find a cemetery on the northern slopes of Mount Jogaku, north of the Snowlit Peak Shinto Shrine. The winding road will lead you to the singing crickets next to a stone fencing.