Ghost of Tsushima Ryuzo Boss Guide

This detailed boss guide will help you defeat the Straw Hat Ronin leader, Ryuzo, who you once called friend in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a great game with excellent gameplay. The game has a beautiful story, and interesting battles. One of these is against Ghost’s old friend now turned traitor, Ryuzo. The Ghost of Tsushima Ryuzo Boss battle is not only emotional but also hard, so here is a guide to help you understand and defeat Ryuzo.

Ghost of Tsushima Ryuzo Boss

So, as you face off Ryuzo, he wants to kill you to get the bounty on your head for his men. Jin does offer him to help rescue Jin’s uncle Lord Shimaru and Shimaru will reward Ryuzo’s men, yet Ryuzo declines and decides to face off Jin.

Now the battle is not an easy one. Ryuzo has a strong defence and you cannot take him down hack and slash style. You need to go through this fight with patience.

Make sure you have a strong armor to keep you safe from Ryuzo’s hits and keep you alive. Most of Ryuzo’s attacks are fast so you need to be vigilant.

You cannot use any items during the boss fight. This forces you to only rely on your swordsmanship. In this case, your best line of action according to us will be Parrying.

Parry Ryuzo’s attacks and throw on of your own here. Some of the attacks can be blocked and parried, while many cannot.

Parrying, if you do not know can be used against attacks with a blue glint only, and has to be well timed for it to work. You can parry by pressing and holding the block button just as the enemy swings his weapon.

Ryuzo’s Attacks

Ryuzo has basic slashes. But some of his attacks require special attention, as they might be hard to read and react to.

  • Ryuzo will hold his weapon up to his shoulder and charge at you. This attack can be easily parried. Just parry as he pushes the sword forward for the stab. If it connects, it is three hit combo for Ryuzo.
  • Ryuzo will sheath his sword for this attack. Keep in mind that this attack is a two part combo and both of the attacks cannot be either parried nor blocked. Tap O to dodge both attacks by timing your dodge right.
  • Ryuzo will hold his sword down and throw an upper cut, which will be unblockable. The second part of this combo, however can be blocked or parried. Dodge the first attack and the retaliate.
  • Ryuzo will charge with a red glint on his weapon. As he does so, he will also scream for some reason. Simply dodge the attack and throw a quick hit.


  • Stay calm. You have to be on the defense for this fight.
  • Never roll. Dodge with a SINGLE TAP. Rolling will get you compromised as Ryuzo’s attacks have a good range.
  • Keep your distance. As you will be relying on parries to deal damage, you need to keep some distance so you can react to the fast attacks Ryuzo throws at you.
  • The pond you fight Ryuzo in is not big, so you need to make sure you always have enough room. Never allow yourself to be compromised.
  • If you find the time, admire the floating lanterns. They are awesome.

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