Ghost of Tsushima Mongol Territories Locations Guide

In this Ghost of Tsushima Mongol Territories Guide, we’ll be giving you a general overview of how the entire territory system works and where you can find every piece of Mongolian land.

Ghost of Tsushima Mongol Territories

Ghost of Tsushima pits you against Mongols, and an important part of the game is liberating territories controlled by the enemy. You can capture these hostile areas spread throughout a total of three regions.

Taking Back Control
Liberation plays an important role in this war-driven Japan. You’ll find yourself with a lot of convenience if you set out to liberate all of the Mongol controlled areas in the respective regions. Izuhara has 24 occupied areas, Toyotama 17, and Kamiagata with 15.

After you’re done completing main story missions in a respective region, it’s recommended that you start clearing the fog of war.

By successfully liberating an entire region from any existing Mongolian territories, you’ll gain access to all collectibles, and side-tales marked on your map.

Izuhara Region Mongol Occupied Territories

Azamo Bay
Location: South of Azamo, and South-East of Komatsu.

Tangled Crossroads
Location: Just South of Azamo.

Burn Down Logging Base
Location: Located West of Azamo, and South of Komatsu.

Liberate Aoi Village
Location: West of Azamo, and South of Komatsu.

Beachside Camp
Location: Far West of Azamo, just underneath Tsutsu.

Ohama Fishing Village
Location: West of Tsutsu, and South of Komatsu.

Fallen Outpost
Location: North of Tsutsu, and South of Komatsu, located in between.

Rushing Water Crossing
Location: South-East of Komatsu, and North-West of Azamo.

Stone Arch Crossing
Location: East of Tsutsu, and South-West of Ariake.

Salt Wind Estate
Location: South of Ariake, and East of Azamo.

Destroy the Logging Camp
Location: North-East of Azamo, and South of ARiake.

Kuta River Bridge
South of Ariake, and North of Azamo, in between both of them.

Kuta Farmstead
Found right next to Ariake.

Yoichi’s Crossroads
Found South of Hiyoshi, and North of Ariake.

Liberate Ogawa Dojo
South-West of Hiyoshi, and directly North of Ariake.

Traveler’s Rest Inn
South-West of Hiyoshi, and North-West of Ariake.

Old Trading Post
South-East of Komoda, and North-West of Hiyoshi.

Yagata Farmstead
East of Hiyoshi, and West of Kashine.

Destroy Shipyard
West of Kashine, and North-West of Komatsu.

Kechi Fishing Village
West of Hiyoshi, and North-East of Komoda.

Takeshiki Farmstead
Found just the slightest bit North of Komoda.

Furuta Village
Found West of Komoda, and North-West of Kashine.

Komatsu Forge
Completed automatically as a part of the story.

Castle Kaneda
Completed automatically as a part of the story.

Toyotama Region Mongol Territories

Numata Settlement
Just a little North-West of Akashima.

Stone Mire Lookout
North-West of Akashima, South of Kushi.

Rebel’s Retreat
North-West of Akashima, and South of Kushi.

Dark Water Encampment
North-West of Akashima, and South of Kushi.

Iijima Farmstead
South-East of Umugi, and West of Akashima.

Moss Light Inn
Just West of Umugi.

Liberate Fort Imai
South of Otsuna, and North of Umugi.

Lonely Forest Clearing
West of Yarikawa, and North-East of Umugi.

Hissing Creek Crossing
North of Umugi, and slightly East of Otsuna.

Forest’s Edge Camp
Pretty much right on Otsuna.

Okada Farmstead
North-East of Otsuna.

Liberate Kishibe Village
North of Otsuna, and North-West of Kushi.

Koshimizu Farmstead
North of Kushi.

Secluded Lighthouse
North-East of Kushi by the coastline.

Riverside Farm
South of Kubara.

Mountainside Ruins
West of Kubara.

Castle Shimura
Conquered as part of the story.

Kamiagata Region

White Falls Village
North-West of Kubara, and South-East of Sago.

Bitter Hills Garrison
South-West of Kin, and North of Kubara.

Twilight’s Edge Overlook
East of Kin, towards the edge.

Morimae Brewery
North-East of Kin.

Icy Forest Crossroads
North of Kin.

High Point Guard Post
South of Jogaku.

Kill General Bartu
North-West of Kin, and South of Jogaku.

Frozen Forest Crossroads
South-West of Jogaku, and North-East of Sago.

Derelict Mine
North-East of Sago, and West of Kin.

Frozen Overlook
Just a little South-West of Sago.

Silk Farm
North-West of Sago.

Kawachi Whaling Village
South-West of Jogaku, and North of Sago.

Mountain Pass
East of Jogaku.

Kill General Dogshin
North of Jogaku.

Izumi Village
Conquered as part of the story.

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