Ghost of Tsushima Lord Shimura Boss Guide

This Ghost of Tsushima boss guide will show you all the tips and tricks to defeat the final boss, your own uncle Lord Shimura

Ghost of Tsushima has an emotionally charged final boss fight, you will have to fight your Uncle, Lord Shimura and possibly kill him to complete the storyline of the game. Our Ghost of Tsushima Lord Shimura Boss Fight Guide will pinpoint Lord Shimura’s fighting patterns, his deadliest attacks, and some tips and tricks on how you can counter them.

Lord Shimura is perhaps the most difficult of the bosses in the game, thus, you must go prepared if you wish to beat him.

Ghost of Tsushima Lord Shimura Boss

Going into the battle, you won’t have any armor equipped as whichever armor you had on you gets automatically swapped with Ronin Attire after the initial cutscene of the boss fight begins.

The same goes for Lord Shimura, he won’t have any armor on. However, he is extremely fast for his age and has numerous attacks in his arsenal.

It’s actually amazing how he can produce so many different attack patterns with only his sword.

The only apparent weakness of Lord Shimura is his HP which is not much and to exploit that, you have to make sure that your sword hits him as much as possible.

Tips and Tricks

As soon as the cutscene ends, make sure you have a go at Lord Shimura with quick attacks to overwhelm him at the start.

Remember that only your fastest attacks can do a bit of damage against him as he can easily dodge or block off all your other attacks.

Once you damage him, don’t start to rejoice because Lord Shimura won’t give you time for that. He barely stops for a second and it’s almost as if he didn’t take a hit at all. So, make sure you stay focused on the battle until the last drop of blood drops.

Lord Shimura will continue to shift his attacking style and he will mostly be hitting you in the form of combos.

These combos get up to four-hit each as the battle progresses. To avoid being inflicted heavy damage by these combo-hits, try to counter these attacks as soon as you see them coming.

One of the most common and deadly attacks of Lord Shimura is when he takes his sword up his head, holds it in the form of an arc, and then swings it downwards towards you.

You can dodge this attack by taking a single jump backwards as soon as you see Lord Shimura holding his sword in arc form over his head.

Lord Shimura also likes to draw his sword backwards for a powerful slash. Dodging this attack can be quite difficult so your best bet is that you make use of the window between him drawing the sword and carrying out a slash, to perform multiple swings of your sword on him.

Once he has about 5% of his HP left, a cutscene will play and you will be given a choice to either finish him off or leave him alive.

You can choose either of these options to finish the game and earn the Mono No Aware Trophy.

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