Ghost of Tsushima Lighthouse Locations Guide

In this guide, we have given all Ghost of Tsushima All Lighthouse Locations according to their region and sectors to unlock the trophy

You’ll find eight lighthouses in Ghost of Tsushima. Each lighthouse is located in a different region or coast of the map. Finding them is an easy task and will even increase your legend rank by lighting them. In this guide, we have given all Ghost of Tsushima All Lighthouse Locations according to their region and sectors.

Ghost of Tsushima Lighthouses Locations

The Lighthouses in Ghost of Tsushima are distributed intro three regions: Izuhara, Toyotama and Kamigata, which are further divided into sub-sectors.

Lighting up all these lighthouses across Tsushima will unlock the Light the Way trophy for you.

Izuhara Lighthouses Locations

Izuhara contains of three lighthouses in Komoda, Tsutsu and Ariake.

Komoda lighthouse is found at the northwest side of the region. You’ll come across this lighthouse during the Tale ‘A Masako Tale – A Mother’s Peace’ in Act 1. Simply follow the path leading you up the hill to the Lighthouse.

Tsutsu lighthouse is located south of Komatsu Forge at the region’s coast. You’ll come across this lighthouse during the main Tale in Act 1 of the game called ‘The Tale of Ryuzo’. Visit the Mongol encampment and you’ll find it on the edge of a cliff.

Ariake lighthouse on the other hand is found just south of Hiyoshi Springs and North-east from the Ariake region.

You’ll come across this Lighthouse on the edge of a cliff, during the fourth mission of ‘A Masako Tale’ questline, The Traitor.

Toyotama Lighthouse Locations

Toyotama is divided into two lighthouses at Kubara and Akashima

Kubara lighthouse is found in Toyotama at the northeast part of the Kubara district. You’ll come across it at the Mongol Territory camp.

You’ll find the Akashima lighthouse during the first mission in Act 2, ‘A New Horizon’. Head west of Old Togo Rice Fields to find it.


Kamigata is the last location for Lighthouses in Tsushima. It consists of three different lighthouses, located at Jogaku, Kin and Sago.

Jogaku lighthouse is the easiest to find. Just head east of the region, near the Port Izumi and you’ll find it at the edge of the cliff.

Kin Lighthouse is at the coast of the region in the east and in the last location, Sago you’ll find the final lighthouse along the coast to the west. But to reach Sago, you must complete Act 2 and must be able to return to the southern regions of Tsushima.

Sago Lighthouse can be located near Fort Kaminodake, towards the southwest side and if you are approaching it from Toyotama region, then it will be on the northwest of Kubara Forest and north of Sibling Bay.

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