Ghost of Tsushima Legends Samurai Class Guide

In this Ghost of Tsushima Legends Samurai Class guide, we will give you an overview of the Samurai Class, and...

In this Ghost of Tsushima Legends Samurai Class guide, we will give you an overview of the Samurai Class, and all the perks and abilities it comes with in Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Samurai Class

The Samurai class is one of the four classes you can choose to play as in Legends, and it’s made for those players who want to take their opponent head-on.

The abilities and perks of the Samurai class make it ideal for those players who prefer battling their enemies head-on, and don’t mind long-lasting fights.

The primary stance of the Samurai class is the Stone Stance. This makes it the perfect class to fight Archers and Swordsmen.


The equipment the Samurai uses are Smoke Bombs and the Kunai.

With these items in hand, you can easily set up the opponent for a devastating blow.

Skill Tree

The Samurai skill tree has a multitude of abilities, which make the Samurai more and more powerful as you keep unlocking them.

Rank 1 Ultimate: Hachiman’s Fury
Hachiman’s Fury costs 3 Resolves to use. When you perform this attack, the Samurai strikes at the enemy three times with crazy speed and increased damage.

A great thing about this attack it’s unblockable.

This attack is perfect for defeating tanky enemies.

Use it at the start of the fight to take off a huge portion of their health, and then finish them off with your regular blows.

You can also use it to clean up mobs of enemies thanks to its three separate strikes.

If you’re fighting a horde of weak enemies, each hit has the potential to take out one of them.

Rank 1 Class Ability: Spirit Pull
Spirit Pull depletes the HP of all enemies within a certain radius and transfers it to you. Meaning, not only does it damage the enemies, it also regenerates your HP.

The best time to use it is when you’re surrounded by a group of enemies. You’ll chip a considerable amount of health off them and also heal yourself up.

A great thing about this ability is that Its cooldown is only 36 seconds, meaning you can use it multiple times during an interaction.

Rank 10 Class Ability: Explosive Blade
This ability is just as good as it sounds. It makes your melee attacks deal explosive damage to the targets.

The damage is AoE, meaning a single melee attack can damage multiple enemies. It has a cooldown of 36 seconds.

Rank 2 Perk 1: Defender
The Defender perk increases the health pool of the Samurai by 25 HP. This perk synergizes really well with Spirit Pull.

Rank 7 Perk 1: Deep Strikes
This perk gives a 10% damage boost to all of the Samurai’s melee attacks. If you have both Deep Strikes and Explosive Blade, you can cause a lot of carnage.

Rank 14 Perk 1: Samurai Unleashed
This perk brings the cooldown rates of all class abilities by 15%. This means that the cooldown of Explosive Blade and Spirit Pull will go down from 36 seconds to 30.6 seconds.

Rank 3 Perk 2: Lightning Reflexes
With this perk, you’ll parry enemy arrows automatically as long as you’re holding block. If you’ve been having trouble with your parry and dodge timings, then this perk is the way to go.

Rank 9 Perk 2: Critical Defense
If your HP is low, this perk will make it easier for you to dodge and parry. The perk does this by making the parry and dodge windows larger.

It increases your survivability quite a bit, so it’s not that bad of a perk to use.

Rank 16 Perk 2: Resolve Increase
This perk gives you 1 more Resolve. Unless you have Heavenly Strike, this perk is quite underwhelming compared to the rest of the perks on this list.

Rank 5 Perk 3: Heavenly Strike
With this perk, pressing Triangle and Circle at the same time will make the Samurai perform a powerful strike that can’t be blocked by the target.

It costs 1 Resolve to use, so it might not be a good perk to get (unless you also get Resolve Increase) as you’ll lose a Resolve, which you could’ve saved for your Ultimate Ability.

Rank 11 Perk 3: Hachiman’s Frenzy
This perk increases the number of strikes of the Hachiman’s Fury ability from 3 to 5, making it significantly more powerful.

If you really like using Hachiman’s Fury, then you should definitely snag this perk.

Rank 18 Perk 3: Legendary
This perk will enable you to equip an extra Legendary item. The Legendary items available in the game are very powerful, so having another one of them with you is not a bad idea.