Ghost of Tsushima Legends Tips

In this guide, we will give you Ghost of Tsushima Legends Tips, explaining a few vital tips for the all-new Co-op mode of Ghost of Tsushima.

In this guide, we will give you Ghost of Tsushima Legends Tips, explaining a few vital tips and tricks regarding the all-new Co-op mode Legends which came out with the 1.1 update of Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Tips

Legends is Ghost of Tsushima’s new cooperative game mode that can be played in 2 different ways.

  • 2-Player Story Missions.
  • 4-Player Survival Missions.

We won’t spoil the Story missions for you, but the Survival mode has a lot of things to uncover and learn, so that’s where our focus will be.

Player’s can choose 1 of 4 legendary warriors to play these missions based on famous Japanese mythology with their friends.

Each of the 4 legendary warriors has their own set of skills, class-specific abilities, armor designs, and gear.

There are a lot of ways to play the survival mode, and it tends to get challenging as the waves progress.

So, it’s always wise to play your cards right and have a general idea of how you want to do things.

To make sure that you are ready for the challenging battles ahead, we have prepared several tips that will surely improve your experience.

Choose your Class Wisely
There are 4 classes to choose from, and you should pick the one that best suits your playstyle.

  • Hunter
  • Ronin
  • Assassin
  • Samurai

Tsushima gives you complete liberty to run any class setups you want. You and friends can all be assassins if you want, but doing so would not be wise.

Having a diverse team and assigning roles to your teammates that best suit their class is the best way to ensure steady progress.

Know your Class
Each class of Legends has a different playstyle. They have been carefully tweaked to suit different people.

The Hunter has a height advantage and comes equipped with a bow that lets him evade shields and nail headshots.

The Ronin has a very beneficial ultimate ability that lets him resurrect the whole team.

The Samurai is the more prominent duelist of the bunch and usually takes the front lines to attack first.

The Assassin is good with stealth and can be used to deal massive damage to heavy enemies while staying hidden.

Fight Smart
It becomes increasingly difficult as you progress further in the survival mode, so you must fight with a plan.

All Legends except The Ronin have ultimate abilities that excel against hordes of enemies.

So, it is wise to gradually increase your Resolve meter and use the ultimate abilities to deal with hordes in a flash.

The Samurai can quickly bounce between many enemies and deal damage, while The Assassin can teleport across the battlefield to massacre enemies in one area and then quickly retreat.

The Hunter can launch a plethora of arrows with one pull of the bow that damages enemies in a wide arc.

Using this ability when the hordes are spawning in or when they are bunched up together can be devastating for the enemies.

The Ronin can use his ultimate to resurrect any fallen comrades on the battlefield.

It is worth noting that you cannot die while the animation for your ultimate ability plays out.

Learn the Maps
Parkour and grappling are your keys to move around the map swiftly and go from one defense point to the next.

There are many cliffs and mountains between you and your objectives. The map is also filled with a lot of shortcuts and hidden routes that make traversal much easier. So, learning this is extremely beneficial.

There is no fall damage in Legends, so feel free to make daring leaps. Just know that it takes a few seconds to recover from a fall.

Don’t abandon Defense Points
Even if it seems like you can’t defend a point, never abandon it as every defense point you lose will reduce the shared health bar for your whole team.

Every 5th wave is a boss fight, and winning this will result in all defense points to be restored.

Try to fight in pairs of two as that is the most effective way of doing things. Soloing results in you being overwhelmed by hordes in later rounds.

Spend Wisely on Gifts
Completing the extra objectives while fighting each wave is rewarding as it gives you extra Magatama points. These points can be used on Shrines to buy gifts.

These gifts can have weapons or spirit animals that can fight alongside you. In later rounds, having the right gift can be the factor that tips the balance of the fight.

Once you start using a shrine, each available gift can be purchased by 1 player before it needs to cool down.

So, don’t go saving Magatama points for too long and buy the appropriate gift to keep wrecking hordes of enemies.

Check your Upgrades post-match
Whatever class you play gives you a chunk of XP when the match ends, and you can use this XP to level up your class rank with new abilities and cool cosmetics.

So, be sure to head over to your character’s profile and check out new stuff.

Bonus Tip
The spawn points for hordes are randomized. But fireworks erupt from the place where the next horde will push from.

So, to know where the next horde is coming from, you should keep an eye on the sky for fireworks as well.

Knowing where the horde is coming from gives you time to prepare and strategize for a swift retort.

Legends is an extremely fun and challenging game mode, and we are certain that by following these tips, you can further enhance your experience.

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