Ghost of Tsushima Legends Hunter Class Guide

This guide will introduce the Hunter class and help you master your party role in the new Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Ghost of Tsushima’s new update, Ghost of Tsushima Legends, brings multiplayer Co-op to the game, and unlike the main game where Jin Sakai has the ability and flexibility to learn every skill in the game to defeat the Mongols, you get different Classes in the Legends mode. Here is a guide to introduce you to the Hunter Class in Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Hunter Class

As the name suggests, the new Hunter Class is for those who wish to engage in combat from far away.

The class features bows, equipped with a Stone stance that allows them to easily takeout archers and swordsmen.

With that, the class perks and abilities also progress such that to provide maximum benefits to players as an Archer.

Archers use Kunai and Smoke bombs as their equipment. This allows them to stagger enemies and make a quick getaway.

The class features abilities that make it very good for supporting teammates on battlefields.

The main ability, Stunning Arrows, stuns the opponents it lands close to. It allows control of large groups of enemies as well as opening clear lines of sight.

The ultimate ability, Eye of Uchitsune, allows the archer to focus and take 3 headshots in succession, making it highly effective to takeout oncoming enemies.

However, it does take up 3 resolves to do so, but it is a fair trade in emergencies.

Let us take a closer look at all the abilities and perks that Hunter Class can get.

Hunter Class Abilities and Perks

Name Rank Description
Eye of Uchitsune Rank 1 Ultimate This ability allows players to automatically target three enemies for guaranteed headshots. It also costs user 3 Resolve.
Staggering Arrow Rank 1 Class Ability Shoots an Arrow that stuns enemies and breaks their defense in the area surround the arrow. It does not do great damage, but it is best used for helping teammates.
Explosive Arrow Rank 10 Class Ability Shoots arrows that explode on contact. The arrows have increased knockback, deals high damage, and also sets enemies on fire. Good for starting fights to gain the upper hand.
Executioner Rank 2 Perk 1 The perk increases the headshot damage by 50% for opponents within a 12 meter range. It is good to go against brutes that are close to you.  It is recommended to use a short bow as longbows have a longer draw time.
Scent of Blood Rank 7 Perk 1 Good for archers that sneak around. It provides a 100% increase in Draw and Reload speed for 30s after attempting an assassination. Again, short bows are better for close-range shots.
Hunter Unleashed Rank 14 Perk 1 This ability decreases ability cooldowns by 15%. This reduces cooldown time from 55s to 46.7s. It may not seem much but comes real handy in a 20 min match.
Resupply Rank 3 Perk 2 Resupply refills 30% of all your ammo types and allows you to continue your rain of arrows. The Perks costs 1 resolve to use.
Status Damage Rank 9 Perk 2 This perk increases the damage dealt by status effects by 25%. This means that the fire that burns enemies from your explosive arrow or fire arrow will deal more damage. This perk has little to no effect on Stunning arrows.
Piercing Arrow Rank 16 Perk 2 Provides a new arrow type, that allows you to penetrate shields. Good for players who have a hard time taking out Oni and Mongols as they charge towards them.
Pinpoint Rank 5 Perk 3 This perk gives 50% chance, that any body shot will deal headshot damage, this means instant kill for many enemies. This allows you to be less accurate as well, making the game less stressful.
All-Seeing Eye Rank 11 Perk 3 The best perk to go with the Ultimate ability of Hunter Class, this perk allows the player to target 2 additional targets while using Eye of Uchitsune. Killing 5 enemies faster is better than killing 3.
Legendary Rank 18 Perk 3 Allows equipping of an additional legendary item. Since these items provide the best possible stat boosts in the game, it can turn the tides of battles in your favor.

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