Ghost of Tsushima Legends Best Classes Guide

In this Ghost of Tsushima Legends Best Classes Guide, we’ll be helping you make a better decision regarding which class to pick.

Ghost of Tsushima finally has launched its co-operative mode by the name of Legends. In this Ghost of Tsushima Legends Best Classes Guide, we’ll be helping you make a better decision regarding which class to pick for the beginning of your adventure in this brand-new co-operative mode.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Best Classes

Classes in Ghost of Tsushima are important, and they’re not just purely cosmetic. Each class has its own unique skill tree and two class abilities exclusive to that specific character.

Certain classes might excel on other maps, but having access to all four is important for the sake of flexibility.

We’ve broken down the fundamentals of each class so you can make a choice suited to your playstyle as you step into the co-operative mode of Ghost of Tsushima Legends.


The Samurai is versatile and flexible in all aspects. He can siphon off his enemies’ life-force to improve his sustainability on the field.

Of all the four classes, you’ll find this one the most independent. Samurai relies on two unique techniques to shred his enemies.

Hachiman’s Fury (Ultimate)
Ready your sword to perform a series of lightning-fast strikes against a group of enemies. This ability can be further upgraded using the skill-tree.

Costs 3 Resolve.

Spirit Pull
With Spirit Pull, you can passively siphon off your enemy’s health to increase your own. This can easily allow you to overpower your enemy when they’re least expecting it.

Has a base cooldown of 36 seconds.

Explosive Blade
The alternative class ability for Samurai allows you to use Melee attacks that will deal explosive damage upon impact.

Has a base cooldown of 36 seconds.


Ronin is the only support class as of now. This class is a valuable asset to your team in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Without him, your team will crumble easily.

On top of being a support class, Ronin can fight just as efficiently as the Samurai when it comes to close combat.

However, it’s Ronin’s abilities that make him valuable.

Breath of Izanami (Ultimate)
Heroes never die! With the ability to revive all downed allies, Ronin becomes extremely important to have in a team. Without him, you don’t get any second chances.

Costs 3 Resolve.

Spirit Animal
Ronin boasts a phantom dog for a short amount of time to fight alongside you. Having a good boy back you up is definitely a plus.

Has a base cooldown of 65 seconds.

Healing Incense
Deploy a small pot of incense that heals nearby allies over time. Improve yours and your team’s sustainability with AoE healing.


Assassin is a high DPS class but might not prove to be extremely useful on his own.

Your efficiency is determined in accordance with your team composition. If you don’t have a Samurai tanking for you, you’ll often fall short and won’t be able to deal enough damage to hold your own.

Shadow Strike (Ultimate)
Using Shadow Strike, you’ll be able to eliminate three enemies at once swiftly.

Costs 3 Resolve.

Toxic Vanish
An Assassin can’t take too much damage, and being evasive is important. Using the Toxic Vanish ability, you are able to retreat whilst staggering your enemies.

Has a base cooldown of 62 seconds.

Group Vanish
Allow all of your allies to retreat, making them undetectable by the enemies. Give yourself and your allies a little time to breathe before jumping back into battle.

Has a base cooldown of 50 seconds.


If you like keeping your distance and destroying your enemies from the back using deadly accuracy, then this is the class for you.

As a Hunter, you are highly dependent on your team to hold the front line without breaking. Which is partially also made possible by your continuous outpour of ranged DPS.

Eye of Uchitsune (Ultimate)
Target a total of 3 enemies, and fire guaranteed headshots at each of the marked targets.

Costs 3 Resolve.

Staggering Arrow
Managing the battlefield is important. If you let your enemies run loose without a plan, your team is going to get outmatched.

Using the Staggering Arrow, you can bring your enemies to a halt, allowing your allies to stomp over them in the short window of opportunity.

Has a base cooldown of 55 seconds.

Explosive Arrow
The alternative to the stun arrow, is the Explosive Arrow. Fire this arrow, to only have it detonate after a short delay, setting all enemies within its vicinity ablaze.

Has a base cooldown of 55 seconds.

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