Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Helping Hand Walkthrough

Just like the main game, Iki Island region of Ghost of Tsushima presents players with a number of side tales to complete. One such secret side tale in Ghost of Tsushima is Helping Hand and in this guide, we will help you complete it.

Ghost of Tsushima Helping Hand

Completing Helping Hand is necessary to earn the Friends to All Riders trophy in Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island expansion. This guide will walk you through every step of completing the Helping Hand side quest and getting one step closer to acquiring the trophy in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut.

As mentioned before, Helping Hand is a secret side quest and as such does not appear on the map. The only way to get it on the map is to talk to a specific NPC in three different locations on Iki Island and lend him the materials he needs to finish this quest.

Iki Island Peasant’s Location

On Iki Island, look for the NPC the Peasant at three different spots. You’ll have to bother looking for him because his location will not be shown on the map.

The Peasant can be found in the following locations

  • In the woods slightly north of Tatsu’s Ladder
  • In the fields to the far east of Kidafure Battleground
  • On the beach to the west of Yahata Lighthouse

The white smoke in the sky indicates his location. Use it to your advantage and locate him. He won’t always be there. If he isn’t present, use fast-travel and look again.

To get started, look for him in the woods. Once you found him, speak with him and lend him the material he is looking for to build his house. He would be looking for some yew wood.

Afterward, travel to the fields and locate the peasant for the second time there. Repeat the procedure, speak with him, and lend him the material he requires. He would be looking for Predator Hides this time.

Usually, you’ll find him right after the previous location, but if he’s not there, you can come back and check later.

After that, you’ll need to go to the beach and look for him. He would be in search of Iron to use in the construction of his house. Speak with him and lend him the iron he needs.

Doing so, the quest will be added to your journal. To complete the quest, you must now go to the peasant’s house. The house will be located to the west of Fort Sakai. Visit him and speak with him.

The peasant will show you the house he built using your materials. The Helping Hand Tale concludes here, and so the quest is completed.

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