Ghost of Tsushima Hammer and Forge Walkthrough

Continue helping Yuna find her brother Taka with this detailed guide to the Hammer and Forge mission in Ghost of Tsushima

Hammer and Forge’ is one of the Act 1 tales in Ghost of Tsushima. In this tale, you have to enter the Komatsu Forge and defend it from the Mongols. To help you easily complete this tale, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through every single objective in it.

Ghost of Tsushima Hammer and Forge

Your first objective is to enter the Komatsu Forge. Just ride down the road leading to it to enter it. You’ll be attacked by a couple of dogs who you’ll need to kill.

Search Komatsu Forge for Yuna and Taka and Investigate the Nearby Battle
After handling the dogs, cross the bridge to the other side and you’ll hear some fighting going on ahead. This sound will lead you to eight Mongol soldiers so prepare yourself for a fight.

Speak with Yuna and Follow Her
After defeating the soldiers, you’ll hear Yuna call your name. Talk with her and then follow her to find Taka. He’ll tell you he needs his assistant Yukio to make the tools for you.

Help Yukio Find His Wife
Travel back in the same direction that you came to this area and make your way towards Yukio’s location. He’s inside a big two-floor building guarded by two soldiers.

Take out the guards sneakily and try your best to stay unnoticed. After killing the guards, enter the building and find Yukio in the upper floor. Yukio will tell you that his wife and daughter are in danger and you need to find them.

Follow Yukio and he’ll take to you their location. There will be a Mongol soldier in your path. Wait for him to stop by the building and then take him out quickly.

After you take him out, you’ll see that the Mongols have found a group of peasants. You need to save them quickly without being noticed.

Remain crouched and walk up behind the Mongols to ambush them. Once they’re all dead, talk to the peasant, who is actually Yukio’s wife.

Lead the Peasants Back to the Forge
Make your way back to the forge and kill all the soldiers in your path. You can also just avoid the soldiers altogether by taking the other path.

Your listening skill will help you avoid the enemies. Once your back in the forge, talk to Taka.

Find Yuna
Taka will tell you that Yuna went to get a family from across the river but is yet to come back. So, your objective is to now find Yuna.

Yuna will be sitting by the bridge which that you crossed to get to this area. She’ll inform you that the family she was looking for have been captured by the Mongols. She had a very personal relationship with this family so you’ll have to rescue.

Free the Hostages and Lead them Back to the Forge
Head towards the marked house and kill the Mongols outside by using your bow. You can then head inside and slice up the remaining ones. Rescue the hostages and take them back to the forge.

Defend the Forge
Talk to Taka in the Forge and after quick cutscene, the Mongols will start to raid the forge.

There will be heavy soldiers, melee soldiers and archers. Try to eliminate the archers first so you don’t need to worry about dodging incoming arrows while fighting the other soldiers.

Remain close to the forge at all times or the Mongols will enter it and hurt the peasants.

After you kill most of the Mongols, the leader will show up. He is significantly stronger than the other Mongols. Not only can he dish out a lot of damage, he can also take it.

However, he has a big weakness in the fact that his armor makes him very slow. His attacks can be dodged easily and he takes quite a bit of time to recover, allowing you to easily do damage to him.

After Defeating the leader, take care of the remaining Mongols to finish off Hammer and Forge mission.