Ghost of Tsushima General Temuge Boss Guide

This detailed guide will show you how to defeat General Temuge boss in Ghost of Tsushima's The Ghost of Yarikawa main mission

The boss duel with General Temuge takes place in Act 2 of the saga, The Ghost of Yarikawa. During this mission, you have to defend the Yarikawa Stronghold against the Mongol Army’s attack. Read this Ghost of Tsushima General Temuge Boss Fight guide on how to properly face General Temuge in combat, what kind of attacks the General uses, and how to defend against these attacks.

Ghost of Tsushima General Temuge Boss

You will face General Temuge while returning to the stronghold after sabotaging the siege machinery.

It is recommended to heal first and wear good armor with high melee defense before opening the gate.

You will only be allowed to use your Katana and the other Mongols won’t interfere. You cannot use your daggers, blowgun, bomb, or bow. General Temuge uses his shield for protection, so choosing the Water Stance will be the right choice.

It isn’t difficult to fight against General Temuge. He can set his weapons on fire and if he lands his shot on you, the fire will slowly take your health away. Press Circle two times to put out the flames.

General Temuge attacks are slow so you can dodge his shots pretty easily if you press the Circle button at the right moment.

Patience is the key to winning any duel. Wait for an opening and attack the boss after a successful dodge.

Parry at the perfect moment by using the Perfect Parry skill and then attack him. Keep doing this several times in a row and eventually, the boss will be open for a heavy attack.

After defeating General Temuge, press the Square button to finish him off. You will be rewarded a Ghost Stance when you execute him.

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