Ghost of Tsushima From the Darkness Walkthrough

In this guide, we have given the entire Ghost of Tsushima From the Darkness walkthrough along with a few tips and tricks to defeat the boss to earn the rewards at the end.

From the Darkness is a part of the main story campaign; Jin’s Journey, during Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura. This part of the campaign is located at the Toyotama region.

Ghost of Tsushima From the Darkness

Once you start the play, you’ll be given few objectives to complete in order to make your way to the boss fight at the end. Objectives such as:

  • Speak with Yuna
  • Infiltrate the First Keep of Castle Shimura
  • Eliminate the Mongols in the First Keep
  • Survey the Mongol Defense
  • Sneak Through the Garden
  • Poison the Mongols’ Fermented Milk
  • Enter the Main Keep to Confront the Khan

Speak with Yuna
The first objective is by far the easiest one since you’ll have to speak with Yuna. Yuna is found left to the passage leading you towards the bridge by a gap in the wall. Talk to her to complete the objective.

Infiltrate the First Keep of Castle Shimura
Move towards the bridge and approach the large rock at the center of the river (by using your grapple). Once on the rock, climb the broken tree, jumping towards the cliff while using the grapple to hook onto the anchor point.

Use your rope to head up the wall, jumping your way towards the cliff till you come across another anchor point. Continue heading up till you reach the top and grapple to climb the wall.

Eliminate the Mongols in the First Keep
Now it’s time to take the Mongols out. Move towards the broken window and get into a crouch position and wait for the right moment to assassinate a Mongol as he approaches the doorway near the window.

Hide behind the broken window and wait till another Mongol come near it. Assassinate him as well.

At this point, it’s better to use your focused hearing to navigate the guard above you. Climb up to him, assassinate him then head back to the window and finally, head up the top floor to assassinate 2 more Mongols.

Survey the Mongol Defense
Just like the first objective, this one is also really brief and easy to complete. Simply survey the garden path, the Straw Hats, the Feast, and the Archers by the bridge to complete the objective.

Sneak Through the Garden
From the roof below, navigate the garden with the help of the rope slack lines, making sure not to get caught. Continue with the rope slack lines until you reach an endpoint, assassinating an Archer between the points.

Jump down and wait for the guard to move away from the gap in the fence. Once he’s gone, make your way to the other side of the fence through the gap.

Poison the Mongols’ Fermented Milk
Move left from the long grass towards the stone wall and quickly assassinate the Mongol near the edge. Reach the roof of the tent and, using the slack lines, jump onto the tent across and assassinate an Archer.

You’ll find a few logs near the tent, take cover and wait for the guards to come near the log and assassinate them. Head to the fermented milk supply and wait for the guards to walk away to take cover behind the piles of grass.

Once the guards are in different directions, poison all of the Fermented Milk to trigger a cutscene.

Enter the Main Keep to Confront the Khan
Simply head inside the Main Keep to confront the Khan.

Ryuzo Boss Fight
Ryuzo comes back with few new moves in his arsenal like Stone Stance heavy attack, Heavy Stab attack and multi-combo attack where Red attacks are unblockable while you can block the blue ones.

Since this Ryuzo boss fight is all about parrying attacks, make sure to unlock the Unyielding Sword Parry technique since it parry’s unblockable attacks.

When Ryuzo uses his multi- combo attack, make sure to keep a safe distance from him and master your dodge’s and parries.

If you have your Unyielding Parry unlocked, then it won’t be difficult to block Ryuzo’s Heavy Stab attack. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll lower Ryuzo’s health in no time.

Once you have successfully lowered his health, a cutscene is triggered, which puts an end to the tale and rewards you with a Major Legend increase.

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