Ghost of Tsushima Eternal Blue Sky Walkthrough

This walkthrough will take you through the Eternal Blue Sky mission of Ghost of Tsushima for one final battle against the Mongol leader

In the quest, Eternal Blue Sky, your main task is to kill Khotun Khan and eliminate Mongol reinforcements. In this Ghost of Tsushima Blue Eternal Sky walkthrough, we have given a complete walkthrough of the Eternal Blue Sky with detailed information about the entire quest from start to finish.

Ghost of Tsushima Eternal Blue Sky

The main task of the Eternal Blue Sky quest is to kill Khotun Khan and eliminate Mongol reinforcements but there are some other small tasks as well.

The Eternal Blue Sky quest starts off with the objective of speaking to Yuna at Jogaku Temple. Fast travel there and talk to Yuna near the frozen lake.

As you approach her, a cutscene will appear in which Jin and Yuna will talk about the war against Mongols.

After the cutscene, you will get an optional task to talk to your allies and these allies will be Ishikawa, Lady Masako, Norio, and Kenji and after that talk to Yuna again.

After talking to Yuna, a cutscene will appear and you will be at Port Izumi. After the cutscene, you will be tasked to take a position in the fishing village to deal with the first wave of the Mongol Army.

You will be surrounded by a lot of soldiers so you might want to use Stone Stance and Ghost Stance for your advantage.

Eliminate the first wave and then move upstairs to deal with the second wave of the Mongol Army. Switching between stances will be greatly helpful in eliminating your enemies swiftly.

After that regroup with your allies and head towards Norio’s location as he has been waiting for you to infiltrate Port Izumi.

As you approach Norio, a cutscene will appear in which it will be decided that you will find a way inside the Port Izumi while the rest of you will distract the Mongols at the main gate.

Infiltrating through the main gate won’t be a good idea as Mongol archers will kill you on sight.

You must take the path through the frozen river bed and use pampas grass to remain hidden.

You will be tasked with locating the Khan and for that, you have to find the watchtower.

On your way, you will face a lot of soldiers. You can either eliminate them or run past them but killing them is preferred.

Eliminate all of them and go upstairs on the watchtower. A cutscene will appear and after that, you will be tasked with finding the Manor House. Again, you will face a lot of Khan’s soldiers. Again, you will have two choices and you must choose the first one again.

As you squeeze through the gates of the Manor House, a cutscene will appear and after the cutscene, Khotun Khan Boss Fight will start.

Killing Khan is not an easy feat. You must be patient and aware of the situation.

You won’t be able to block all of his moves so dodging and rolling backwards will keep you away from getting killed. Time your moves perfectly or you will end up on the receiving end.

Heavenly strike, Ghost Stance, and Parry will help you a great deal in your fight against Khan. Quick attacks can help you interrupt some of his attacks but not all the time.

As you are about to kill Khan, he will poison you and flee to his warship.

His soldiers will surround you all the way to the warship. Eliminate them all and then head for the final battle.

As you reach his warship, you will see Khan, but he will be surrounded by a lot of Soldiers.

You can either eliminate the rest of the soldiers first or you can keep inflicting damage to Khan while fighting with the rest of his soldiers.

After killing Khan, you will talk to Yuna in a cutscene. After that follow Yuna on a horse followed by a cutscene. That is the end of Eternal Blue Sky quest in Ghost of Tsushima.

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