Ghost of Tsushima Development Status Hinted by New Hiring

Sucker Punch Productions is now hiring a "Senior Gameplay Animator" who will work on Ghost of Tsushima and will create compelling character experiences.

Sucker Punch Productions is currently looking for a “Senior Gameplay Animator” to work on its highly anticipated Ghost of Tsushima. The job listing also tells us that the game is still in early phases of development.

As for the job listing, it mentions that the new Senior Level Animator will have to use “Sucker Punch’s proprietary tools and engine to create a wide range of compelling character experiences that a lone samurai would come across within feudal Japan setting offered by Ghost of Tsushima”.

Interested folks who want to apply for the job can do it over at

Do note that big gaming studios and companies like Sucker Punch hire people all the time. Back in 2018, Sucker Punch was looking for an Outsource Artist to work on the game. In short, the job listing doesn’t mean that the studio hasn’t even started working on the animations of the game yet.

As the job listing reads, the developer is not satisfied yet. It appears that the studio hiring new people to further polish the game in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Overall, the development of the game seems to be progressing smoothly and we can expect the game to be available in the playable state in 2020.

With that said, we can expect to hear about the game once again at the end of this year at PlayStation Experience 2019. There have been many rumors in the past about Ghost of Tsushima release date.

A rumor in the past revealed that Sony is targeting a 2019 release date for Ghost of Tsushima. However, it seems very unlikely that the game will release this year because there’s very little that we know about the upcoming game by SP.

The last and only trailer that we saw of Ghost of Tsushima was at E3 2018. Interested folks can check out the trailer below.

Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming action-adventure video game and it features an open-world map for the players to explore. The game’s story is based on the last samurai (Jin Sakai) and is set in 1274 on Tsushima Island. Players will take on the role of Jin to fight against Mongols and for the freedom of independence of Japan.

The developer is very proud of the game’s setting. In addition to this, Sucker Punch is working very hard on the title to make sure that it sits in the category of successful PlayStation Exclusives. We can expect the next game from the creators of InFamous to be another hit.

Interestingly, PlayStation fans are more excited for Ghost of Tsushima than Hideo Kojima’ Death Stranding, according to a recent poll held by IGN. If you ask me, PlayStation fans are more excited about Ghost of Tsushima due to its secrecy.

We can expect Ghost of Tsushima to release sometime in 2020 for PS4. It’s safe to assume that the upcoming game will release as a cross-gen title. This means that the upcoming Samurai game will arrive on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Until then, players can watch the demo of Ghost of Tsushima recreated in Dreams.

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