Ghost of Tsushima All Bamboo Strike Locations Guide

Learn how to increase your resolve by taking on the Bamboo strike mini-game with the help of this locations guide for Ghost of Tsushima

Who would’ve imagined that Jin Sakai would be cutting bamboos to drive away Mongols from his home? In this guide, we will give away all 16 Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strike Locations and get you up to speed on any other tips and tactics that you need to be aware of before taking on this mini-game.

Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strike Locations

You will find plenty of bamboo clusters as you travel from north to south. Comprising of 7 bamboo stalks each, these bamboo clusters will be quite easy to spot.

They will be standing out of any other plantation and they will be marked by a white banner on the map.

Even though the Bamboo strike mini-game is completely optional, it will reward you with extra Resolve if you attempt it properly.

Once you’ve wiped out all sixteen of these bamboo clusters you will be rewarded with a Sacred Mountain Messenger mask.

Each mini-game will require you to press certain buttons in the required order in a series of three rounds.

For the first round you will be pressing three buttons, for the second you will be pressing five buttons and for the last, you will have to press 7 buttons, all of them in the required order.

When you approach the bamboo, the combination will appear in front of you. once you’ve pressed the first button in the combination the game will begin and the rest of the combination will disappear.

To make matters worse, each round will have an allotted time for pressing the entire button combination.

Bamboo Strike Cheat
No matter how good you are, given the short time for each round, Bamboo Strike mini-game becomes frustrating as you progress through the rounds. Luckily there is an in-built ‘cheat’ that would make this challenge easier for you.

Before beginning the mini-game, open the options window, and under the accessibilities tab, you will find simplified controls.

Turn on that option and this will take the time problem off your plate. However, you still need a good short-term memory to memorize the button combination till the end of the round.

You can take the help of golden birds or the guiding wind to lead you to Bamboo Strikes, however, with the location guide below you will require none, hopefully.

Izuhara Bamboo Strikes

Azamo Bamboo Strike
Located to the east of the Azamo Base camp, you will find this Bamboo Strike outside the easternmost building. There will be a big tree nearby.

It’s better to complete all other Azamo bay quests beforehand. The Bambo Strike will unlock after you finish The Broken Blacksmith main mission.

Tsutsu Bamboo Strike
There is a Rusting Bend marker on the map. You will find this Bamboo Strike above that marker on the river bank, down the hill from a nearby settlement.

Ariake Bamboo Strike
It lies between Kii’s Pond Houren’s Pasture on the south bank of the river that separates Ariake from Azamo. This is somewhere between a Pampas field and a building. There will be a campfire nearby.

Komatsu Bamboo Strike
Look for Sashimono Banner merchant in Komatsu Forge settlement. Bamboo Strike is located outside his home, towards the right.

Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike
This Bamboo Strike is located in the Hiyoshi Inn settlement along the winding road that is sandwiched between two springs. An NPC will reveal the challenge to you when you enter the area.

Kashine Bamboo Strike
Look for Wanderer’s Pass on the map. Towards the left of its ‘r’ is a cliff. Bamboo Strike is located on top of that cliff.

Komoda Bamboo Strike
if you follow the main road through Komoda Town, you will come across a guard tower. Bamboo Strike is located within its shadows.


Akashima Bamboo Strike
On the west coast of Old Togo rice fields is Akashima Lighthouse. Go past Castle Kaneda up north where Lord Shimura takes you to.. Bamboo Strike is located within its vicinity.

Umugi Bamboo Strike
You will find this Bamboo Strike near the Umugi cove towards the southwest of the Umugi region.

If you head west from the large central building, you will come across some cliffs. There will be a ladder towards the south. Climb the ladder and head down to the water’s edge.

Yarikawa Bamboo Strike
Towards the east of Yarikawa Stronghold, there is a lighthouse, Kubara Lighthouse. You will be able to spot it from a distance. Bamboo Strike is located in its vicinity.

Kushi Bamboo Strike
Locate Benkei’s Falls on the map. There is a bridge towards the north, cross it and head right on the road. Soon you will come across a tall building, Bamboo Strike is located behind it.

Kubara Bamboo Strike
Exit Shimura’s camp from the northern gate and head towards the right. Take another right to come across a watchtower on the left. Bamboo Strike is in its vicinity.

Otsuna Bamboo Strike
This Bamboo Strike is located in a courtyard in Omi village, to the right of the biggest building. You will find the location west of the Omi lake.

Kamiagata Bamboo Strikes

Endless Forest Bamboo Strike
You will find it outside the Kin lighthouse that is located on the eastern edge of the top portion of the map.

Kin Bamboo Strike
North of Kin sanctuary is an island. Bamboo Strike is located on its western edge. Travel north on the road passing through Kin sanctuary, and cross the wooden bridge to come across the location.

Sago Bamboo Strike
This last Bamboo Strike stopping you from unlocking your Sacred Mountain Messenger mask is located to the west of Kin sanctuary.

Travel south of Sago Mills before turning left at crossroads. Keep moving to come across a watchtower. To the right of this watchtower is Bamboo Strike

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