Ghost of Tsushima A Message in Fire Walkthrough

We have a complete, detailed Ghost of Tsushima A Message in Fire walkthrough to guide you through the whole mission so that you don’t miss anything

This is the mission that you will come across in Jin’s journey, right after you complete the main story quest ‘A New Horizon’. You will be in Toyotama region. We have a complete, detailed Ghost of Tsushima A Message in Fire walkthrough to guide you through the whole mission so that you don’t miss anything. So, let’s get into it.

Ghost of Tsushima A Message in Fire

Get to Umugi Cove
Hop on your horse right at the start of the mission and first you have to get to the Southern Umugi Prefecture.

If you look on the map you will see the objective marker ‘Search for Umugi Cove’, this is the area where you need to be.

You will also come across some Mongols roaming around in the area, you can challenge them to a standoff as well. After finishing the enemies off, just keep going towards the marker straight ahead.

Talk to Goro and get Goro’s Map
You will reach a small bay area and there will be ally soldier guards there. Go ahead and talk to the guard and after some dialogue, he will take you to Lady Sanjo to talk.

Follow the guard and talk to Lady Sanjo. After the dialogue, go downstairs again to talk to Goro, the smuggler.

Speak with Goro and you will have the dialogue with him about delivering a message to the mainland.

After the conversation, walk with Goro for a while and then he will give you a map. Take the map and talk to ronins.

Go to the old hunting camp
Then get back to the old hunting camp to meet with Lord Shimura. The camp is to the east coast of the region.

You can fast travel to Akashima Village, which is close to the old hunting camp. Get to the camp and speak with Lord Shimura.

Meet Goro
After dialogue with Lord Shimura, it will be night and now you have to travel with Lord shimura to go meet Goro. Get on the horse and follow Lord Shimura. When you get to Goro, now just follow him to the hidden place of his ship.

Go to Fort Mitodke with Lord Shimura
Now the strategy is that Samurais will attack the fort to draw Mongols’ attention to the fort and get Goro some time to sneak out of the blockade.

So, go to the fort Mitodke with Lord Shimura, and first thing you will have to do is ambush the Mongol patrol guard with Lord Shimura.

Go to the front of the fort and take all the enemies out. There will be many of them so keep your guard up and dodge as well.

Attack Fort Mitodke
After killing everyone outside, just open the gates of the fort and get inside. Go straight and through a door on the left. Raid the whole fort and keep killing everyone.

Try to get rid of arrow shooters first. Your goal is to get to the top of the fort called Hwacha Tower, so just keep going. You will face the leader as well on your way to the tower, kill him.

Defend Goro’s Ship
Now get hold of the Hwacha and you have to use it to destroy all the Mongol ships approaching Goro’s ship.

Fire the Hwacha by aiming at Mongol fleet and destroy them all before they get to Goro’s ship or before they shoot it down.

After you are done, a cutscene will appear and this will be the end of the mission A Message in Fire.