Ghost of Tsushima A Gathering Storm Walkthrough

In this Ghost of Tsushima A Gathering Storm walkthrough, we will go through the entire “A Gathering Storm” quest step...

In this Ghost of Tsushima A Gathering Storm walkthrough, we will go through the entire “A Gathering Storm” quest step by step. Let’s get started.

Ghost of Tsushima A Gathering Storm

A Gathering Storm is a main story quest of Jin’s Journey in Act 3. Once you have completed the Wolves at the Gates quest, go to the Jogaku Temple to get this quest.

This mission’s main objective is to sneak into Port Izumi and survey the Port from the lighthouse. The thing you have to keep in mind that you have to complete this mission without alerting anyone.

So, you will need your stealth skills in order to complete this mission.

First of all, you have to talk to Yuna in order to trigger the mission. Find Yuna at Jogaku Temple and speak with her to trigger a cut-scene.

After the cut-scene, you will find yourself with Yuna on top of a Mountain near Port Izumi.

Follow the path down the cliff that will take you closer to the lighthouse. Make sure to crouch and use focus hearing to not raise the alarm.

Keep moving until you see two guards on your way. One will be on the ground, and the other will be on the cliff. Eliminate them one by one using Stealth attacks.

Move along the path and you will face a few more guards on your way. Make sure to eliminate them using stealth attacks one by one to not raise the alarm.

You can also just sneak into the lighthouse from the back by crouching and hiding behind the things. If the alarm is raised, it is over, so you have to be careful.

After killing the guard on the cliff, keep moving forward until you see an archer on top of a cliff. Eliminate him without alerting the guards near the tent.

After that, eliminate the guards near the tent and hide in the pampas grass. Then wait for the right moment and sneak inside the lighthouse.

There will be few guards near the fire and a guard patrolling the area, but you can sneak inside without killing them.

Once you have entered the lighthouse, you have to investigate the poison barrels. After that, go to the top of the lighthouse using the ladder.

A cut-scene will be triggered, and after the cut-scene, you have to Survey Port Izumi. There will be a total of 5 things to look for while surveying the Port.

Complete the Survey to trigger the final cut-scene and that will conclude this quest.

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