Ghost of Tsushima 2 Rumors Re-Ignite Thanks to New Job Listings

All those Sucker Punch Productions job listings are hinting Ghost of Tsushima 2. Sony should already announced it.

Sucker Punch Productions the studio behind the Infamous series and the recently released critically acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima were speculated to be developing a brand new remake of the original “Sly Cooper” the cult classic platformer stealth video game from the PS2 era. However, it seems that although that rumor might hold some weight into it, the rumor for Ghost of Tsushima 2 is pretty much real.

This speculation, like many other, comes from recently posted job listing for a “Encounter Designer” in the design department by Sucker Punch.

The requirements for nailing the job are not that hefty but they do require at least 2 years’ experience in a AAA game company coupled with the fact that at least 2 AAA titles were shipped under the designer’s belt. The position however, heavily draws focus towards a sequel for Ghost of Tsushima as that game was very well known and critically praised for its intense and brutal sword fighting and samurai-esque encounters.

If taken word for word, the studio is looking for a person who is talented in developing extremely engaging encounters in an “open—world” stealth game heavily oriented towards swift and real life encounter movements, gore filled executions and precision in timing attacks with melee weapons.

All these details reek heavily of a Ghost of Tsushima sequel, but much remains to be seen as a job listing indicates that the game is still in the very early phases of development and the studio is probably focused on the remake of “Sly Cooper”. Also, the game will be expected to release on PS5 only as most new games these games are dropping PS4 and Xbox One for technical reasons. There is atleast one other job listing as well that mentions experience from previous games which could very well be Ghost of Tsushima 2.

Therefore, much remains to be seen as the studio is also believed to be releasing the original Ghost of Tsushima to PC with all the bells and whistles including DLSS and RTX effects.

Again, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt as although this information is true to a large extent the timeline on the development of the sequel and the release of the original on PC is still pretty much up in wraps at this time.

But, in all honesty a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima for PS5 is no real surprise considering that the first game was not only an exceptional piece of art as a game but also sold extremely well with over 6.5 million copies being shipped and sold worldwide, so developing a sequel to such a game would not be a bad decision. Moreover, the original game already had a solid story and gameplay mechanism which left in the right hands of Sucker Punch could ultimately lead to a masterpiece of a sequel.

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