Get a First Look at Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter XX Bundle

If you are in Japan and you have some time and money to spend then this next collection will maybe catch your eye. In addition to the release of Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo also brought to the shelves a super rare Monster Hunter XX bundle for Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter XX is already launched in Japan but footage of its rare themed console was not found until today. The Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter XX Bundle features a special console marked with symbols from the videogame as dragons (which we can see at the back of its screen). Also, the dock features several geometrical shapes based on the game, all matte gray color on a black Nintendo Switch.

According to Victor Hu, the guy that took the photos and posted them on the Malaysian Nintendo group on Facebook of the Nintendo Switch he bought in Japan, there were only 5 copies of it in the store which makes it incredibly rare. In comparison, there were more than 20 Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 editions available. The same situation happened in the past with the Grey and Neon sets of the console.

Another user on Twitter stated that his local GEO had 3 units of this console as well.

Monster Hunter XX will also be getting some cool loot based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Capcom has released a video in which we can see gear based on Breath of the Wild such as Link’s tunic, a Guardian bow and a Korok outfit for felynes. These goodies were already released for the Nintendo 3DS edition of the game.

Capcom doesn’t intend on releasing Monster Hunter XX  to the west yet but you can always buy the Japanese edition of it if you can navigate through the menu.

The company also confirmed that Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2 will come to Switch in late 2017.

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