Get a Metal Gear Solid 5 Snake Bike for $10,000 at eBay

This Metal Gear Solid 5 motor bike is on auction at eBay for $10,000 because it is exactly what Snake drives.

If you are such a diehard fan of Metal Gear Solid 5 that you would want to own everything from within the game world, this real life bike is the right thing for you.

On eBay, a user has put the Venom Triumph Bonneville VTB.1, a “Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain style motorcycle” on auction.

The auction starts at $10,000, and has been live for two days. However, so far not even single bid has been placed. Anyhow, here’s the official description provided by the eBay user:

The unique bike [is] made by Konami and Triumph. This is the one, which was awarded by SoftClub (Konami representative in Russia) during ComicCon and Igromir in Moscow in October 2015. It is custom built with the Diamond Dogs logo, the stock saddle has been cut down and refinished in Sneaking Suit neoprene and carbon Kevlar leather inspired by Snake’s combat wear. The resulting ‘Venom’ is a mission-ready bike tailored to the wilds of Afghanistan and Africa. It is absolutely new.

Will you like to buy something like this Metal Gear Solid 5 bike? If you would, tell us if you think that price tag of 10 grands is something you would want to pay for it.

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