Genshin Impact Warding Stones Puzzles Guide

In Genshin Impact’s Seirai Stormchasers Quest, you’ll be going about different areas and solving Warding Stones Puzzle. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to solve the Genshin Impact Warding Stones Puzzle.

Genshin Impact Warding Stones Puzzles

Genshin Impact’s new Inazuma Region introduces a new and exciting Seirai Stormchasers Quest.

How to Unlock Seirai Stormchasers Quest

To unlock this quest head to Adventurer’s Guild and talk with Katherine. She will ask you to visit Seirai Island.

Talk to the adventurers in Koseki Village and the Fort Hiraumi Area. They will set up a path that will lead to a talking cat named Neko. After speaking with Neko, you can proceed to the Warding Stones locations to complete the puzzle.

Warding Stones Puzzles

Warding Stone Puzzle consists of four parts. To put an end to the thunderstorms on Seirai Island, you must solve all of them. The area affected by thunderstorms is reduced as each part is solved.

To complete the puzzle, simply touch three paper Charms for each wandering stone.

The goal is to rotate the stones so that the symbols on them correspond to those on the poles. The symbols will glow if you do it correctly.

Puzzle # 1

For the first Warding Stones Puzzle head to the southern end of Koseki Village located on the Seirai Island.

Genshin Impact Warding Stones Puzzles

If you look around you will find poles with Paper Charms on them. Touch all three poles.

Now, all that remains is to rotate the stones so that the Paper Charms on the stones match the ones on the poles. The first part will be completed by rotating the bottom layer of the stone twice.

Puzzle # 2

Navigate to the Eastern Side of Amankumo Peak for the second puzzle. This one is a little difficult because all of the poles are not nearby.

Genshin Impact Warding Stones Puzzles

Two poles are close to the stone, but the third requires some searching. It is located on a floating stone on the west side, further away.

Using nearby Electrogranum, fly up to one of the new Electro Portals and use it to reach the third pole.

Touch the pole and return to the stone. Rotating the top layer of the stone three times will be enough to seal the second stone.

Puzzle # 3

Before proceeding to the third Warding Stone Puzzle, stop by the energy gate and speak with the adventurers in North of Amakumo Peak.

Genshin Impact Warding Stones Puzzles

To get to the poles, you must enter the large floating rocks that circle the island. You must align the energy gate, and pass through it to transform into an electro ball and travel to the floating rocks

When you arrive, press the jump button to land on the rock. Use the Electrogranums to get around the rocks.

Touch all three of the Paper Charms you come across. Afterward, go to the Warding Stone to solve it.

To solve this Warding Stone puzzle, turn the bottom layer five times and the top layer three times.

Puzzle # 4

When you finish the third puzzle, an Electric Sakura tree will be in your front.

Use an Electrogranum from the Sakura Tree and follow the path to the final Warding Stone, which is located to the South of Amakumo Peak.

The final one is the simplest to solve. All three Paper Charms are just around the rock. Touch them to continue with the puzzle.

To complete the puzzle, rotate both the top and bottom layers of the stone twice.

Thunder Manifestation Boss

The lightning should have faded by this point. Stones would now clump together to form an area where you would fight Thunder Manifestation.

He’s a new electro-based hero. He cannot summon any creatures also, he is easy to dodge. Based on that, he should be easy to take down.

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