Genshin Impact Update 1.1 Leak Suggests 8-Player Content is Coming

A leak regardin Genshin Impact Update 1.1 has surfaced online today including model change for Wishes, 8-player content and 4 new characters.

It’s not even a week since the release of Genshin Impact and MIHOYO is already preparing update 1.1. We know for a fact the new patch will release sometime in October. However, we didn’t expect for the developers to roll out a huge update at this point. A new leak suggests that not only will update 1.1 bring new characters into the game but we’ll also get the third big area in the world of Teyvat, a big change in how Wishes work and (drum roll please) 8-play content.

The Genshin Impact update 1.1 leak comes from Reddit, where a player suggests he/she translated the contents of the new patch from the original Chinese website. Although its credibility is not yet confirmed, the leak does include new content that MIHOYO has already revealed. Let’s take a look at what update 1.1 will include according to the leak.

New Area – Inazuma

Players who have “speedrun” their way through the main story and unlocked everything in the first days since the release, will be happy to find out that the third big area of Genshin Impact will release in update 1.1. The new area, Inazuma, will become available for players that finish the Liyue Qixing quest and reach Adventure Rank 35. This is more or less 4 days of grind so even if you haven’t played the game yet, you’ll be set and ready to go when the update releases.

New Characters

This is one of the two parts where the leak is a bit too much. Could the developers be already releasing 2 new characters? In fact, we’ve seen 4 characters and they are very much coming to the game. Although we can’t know for sure if they will all release together. For the time being, we have Zhongli, which is a Geo melee character and a buffer.

Also, we get Ayaka Kamisato which has no description and element yet. However, the leak suggests that all players who complete the Liyue main quest will receive her for free. Pretty cool.

New Quests

What good is a new area though if there’s no main quest to learn about its story? Apparently, Inazuma releases with a brand new main story quest that starts after Adventure Rank 30 and will include a new glider, primogems, and more as rewards.

Mobile Graphics

MIHOYO has made some changes to the graphic performance of Genshin Impact on mobile with update 1.1. These are not exactly the changes we need though. Right now, mid-range mobile phones are suffering under the grasp of Genshin Impact. Now, the developers are adding a 60 FPS ultra graphics mode for android phones. Rest assured, this mode will be reserved for flagships and not our average mid-range phone.

Wish System

This is, undeniably, the biggest change coming to Genshin Impact and if the leak comes out to be false we’ll be sad over this. Right now, the Wish system allows you to get a *5 character as a pity reward after 90 summons. The developers, according to the leak, intend to tweak that system and make the pity summon trigger at 50 summons. The trigger changes too though. Apart from getting a drop under the specific rates, players will now get a Bonding Fate at 50 summons. This will let them choose one *5 character from that specific banner.

Moreover, players who have made more than 50 wishes already, will get their corresponding Bonding Fates, depending on what they would get if they did a summoning session after the 1.1 update. This is a huge update and will 100% bring more players and more revenue to the game. The fact that Genshin Impact is mainly a single-player experience makes the gacha system more of a luxury feature than a necessity. As a result, a more flexible system will have players more eager to spend their wishes and real-world money.

Co-op Content

The last big feature that Genshin Impact update 1.1 leak includes is the 8-player co-op content which is supposed to release this month. Players have been requesting for more than 8 players to be able to play together and if the developers are able to provide this that fast, we’re looking at a game-as-service that really services. We don’t know whether those 8-player challenges will be domains or bosses or some type of new abyss. What we know is that we can’t wait to combo even more elements.

These are the best features that the leak about the update 1.1 of Genshin Impact includes. It won’t be long before we know for sure as the developers have already dropped some hints about its launch. Update 1.1 is believed to be releasing sometime in mid-October. Let’s see if we get an official announcement soon so that we can start preparing for the new content and summoning sessions.

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