Genshin Impact Rated For Native PS5 Release

Genshin Impact and its beautiful open-world of elemental magic will soon be seeing a native release on PlayStation 5.

While an official announcement remains pending, the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee was spotted (via Gematsu) on the weekend to have rated a native PS5 version of the game. Games are usually rated just before their release. Genshin Impact by that account should hence be releasing on PS5 fairly soon.

Genshin Impact is already playable on PS5 but through backwards compatibility. The game was released about a couple of months before the launch of the new consoles but was quickly updated to run its PS4 version on PS5.

Despite being the previous-generation version, Genshin Impact takes advantage of PS5 with improved graphics and faster loading times. The upcoming native PS5 release will however make full use of PlayStation 5 features and powers. There will presumably be a sizable improvement on the visual side of things. Expect improved support for even faster loading times and perhaps the support of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the new DualSense controller.

Until the native PlayStation 5 release takes place, Genshin Impact remains available on PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS and Android devices. The game also remains in development for Nintendo Switch, which was already confirmed. It is the PS5 version which was never officially announced.

Elsewhere, the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has also rated The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles which likely contains The Great Ace Attorney and The Great Ace Attorney 2. The existence of this bundle was first brought to notice when Capcom suffered a data breach last year. Both games were originally released for Nintendo 3DS back in 2015 and 2017 respectively. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will now be releasing in improved form on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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