How to Defeat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact

One of the many bosses in Genshin Impact is the boss Maguu Kenki. This automaton swordsman can be a tough boss fight but don’t worry, this guide will tell you how to locate and defeat Maguu Kenki easily in Genshin Impact.

How to Defeat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact

Maguu Kenki was originally introduced in the Midsummer Island Adventure event. The boss has now been moved to a new location, with the event over and the addition of Inazuma islands in Genshin Impact 2.0.

Maguu Kenki’s New Location

Maguu Kenki was originally found on the central island of the Golden Apple Archipelago. However, with the new update, the location of Maguu Kenki boss fight has been changed.

Players now looking to take on the boss can find him on Yashiori Island. On Yashiori Island, make way to the south of Serpent’s Head and there, you can find the new location of Maguu Kenki boss fight.

Genshin Impact Maguu Kenki Location

Maguu Kenki’s Attacks

Maguu Kenki is a humaniod automaton. He uses a puppet to help him land blows on the player. The main attacks that Maguu Kenki uses are described here.

Maguu Kenki uses a large mask in the fight. This mask serves multiple purposes. The mask can be used as a shield, and simultaneously used to damage the player. Maguu Kenki can shove the mask and attack while defending. With this, the mask can also be used to create an explosion.

Being primarily a swordsman, Maguu Kenki has different sword attacks. First, he will rush towards the players while drawing his sword. This attack can either deal physical or elemental damage.

The attack has fair homing and dodging too early will still get you caught in the attack. Maguu Kenki can even slash his swords three times from afar. These slashes each send a wave towards the player, and these attacks deal Hydro damage.

Other than this, for close range, Maguu Kenki charges and then deals a quick heavy slash around him. With this, Maguu Kenki can summon a huge blade, and slams in into the ground after charging it. This attack deals damage in an AoE. The damage can either be Anemo or Cryo.

After Maguu Kenki’s health falls below 75%, he gains three additional attacks. For these, he summons his phantoms that have these three additional attacks.

Maguu Kenki can send his phantoms to attack and grab the player. These phantoms drag the player towards themselves and whilst doing so, land rapid slashes that deal Anemo damage.

With the three Hydro slashes that Maguu Kenki was able to do previously, these attacks now follow the player. If they land, the phantom is summoned next to the player.

When attacking in close range, Maguu can teleport away, leaving the phantom in his place. After this, both Maguu and the phantom will attack you consecutively.

Tips for the Fight

Maguu’s attack in the first phase are as simple as they get. There is now special tip or trick to beat him. The shield that Maguu uses is triggered by attack distance, meaning as soon as the distance between the player and Maguu increases, Maguu will switch to the shield, making it harder to hit him. Ranged attacks and bows are tricky to use, so it’s better to engage in melee combat.

Once Maguu summons his phantoms, the scenario of battle changes. The phantoms summoned by Maguu cannot be damaged. They are impervious to any attack you can throw, so players have to run from them.

Players have to focus attacking on Maguu Kenki, while defending from Maguu himself and maintaining a distance from the phantoms as well.

On the whole, the fight is simply using high DPS weapons and hitting Maguu Kenki with as many elemental bursts as possible to get done with Maguu ASAP.

The fight gets more complicated as you run out of supplies and Maguu’s relentless phantoms keep on attacking you, so it best to end the fight quickly.

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