Genshin Impact Bennett Hangout Event Guide

New Hangout events are available in Genshin Impact for players to take part in and complete Story quests for the characters. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will cover the hangout event for Bennett and how to complete it with all six endings.

Genshin Impact Bennett Hangout Event

To take part in this event, you need to have two Story Keys to unlock the quest and should be Adventure Rank 26 or above. Once you have met the requirements to play the Story quest, the Fantastic Voyage mission of the Bennett Hangout Event will start.

There are six endings for this mission and to get all of the available rewards, you need to complete all these six endings. Each ending of the mission will have different consequences and give you various rewards. Let us start with the first ending.

Fruitless Anticipation Ending

This is the main ending of the story quest and is the simplest of all. To get this ending, meet with Bennett at the Mondstadt Adventurer’s Guild. He will ask you to go on an adventure and mess with other people.

Choose the “We could just do something else instead” option and “How about we hang out around town?” when asked where to go. Follow him around the town and wait for him. You will get the ending eventually after you spend some time with Bennett.

Rewards: 5x Hero’s Wit, 5x Lighter-Than-Air-Pancake, Adventure XP

Hasty Farewell Ending

Replay the mission and this time, choose to take a walk in the wild. Head to the Dandelion Meadow and loot the chests that Bennett spots. Follow him around and eventually, he will get called by an adventurer to leave.

This will get you the Hasty Farewell Ending.

Rewards: 20x Primogems, 3x Guide to Resistance, Adventure XP

Taste Tester Royce Ending

For this ending, choose “I do” when asked whether you like to make food on your adventures. Get the required ingredients: Mint, Radish, and Slime.

Bennett will say that he wants to give the food to the adventurer first. Choose the “You cooked it, you can do whatever you want with it.” option. The adventurer will die after eating the meal as it was poisoned, and you will get the Taste Tester Royce ending.

Rewards: 5x Hero’s Wit, 3x Prithiva Topaz Fragment, Adventure XP

Ready to Make Sacrifices

This is the same as the previous ending but this time, pick “No way. You don’t owe him anything” instead of the other option when Bennett asks you if he should give the meal to the adventurer.

Upon eating the meal himself, Bennett will die due to being poisoned. This will grant you the Ready to Make Sacrifices ending.

Rewards: 20x Primogems, 5x Lighter-Than-Air-Pancake, Adventure XP

No Wonder It’s a Top-Class Commission

Speak to Bennett and when he asks you about the meal, choose the “No, I usually leave straight away.” option and head out on an adventure with him. Upon approaching the room with the lasers, Bennet will say that he wants to try the challenge.

Pick the “Go Ahead” option and choose the switch on the left side. Bennett and the adventurer will get trapped inside the room with the lasers and you will get the No Wonder It’s a Top-Class Commission ending.

Rewards: 5x Hero’s Wit, 3x Prithiva Topaz Fragment, Adventure XP

Fortunate Outcome

To get this ending, instead of choosing the “Go Ahead” option, pick the second choice and go inside to solve the puzzle. To solve the puzzle, place three torches on the first order, one on the second, and two torches on the third order.

This will unlock the final room with the large chest and grant you the Fortunate Outcome ending.

Rewards: 20x Primogems, 3x Guide to Resistance, Adventure XP

This is all for the Bennett Hangout Event guide. You can also find the other characters’ Hangout Event guide on our website