Genshin Impact Ancient Carvings Locations Guide

Our Genshin Impact Ancient Carvings Locations Guide will help you collect every single one of the ancient carvings available in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact, you can pick up eight Ancient Carvings in the snowy region of the map. Doing so unlocks a new weapon for you to use. However, locating them can be quite tedious.

Our guide covers the location of all the ancient carvings in Genshin Impact. Additionally, we’ll also be looking at what you can use these carvings for once you have obtained them all.

Genshin Impact Ancient Carvings Locations

In Genshin Impact, ancient carvings are in the form of stone tablets that can be found all across Dragonspine.

There are 8 of these ancient carvings, and once you have hunted them all down, you’ll get access to a locked door below the Statue of the Seven.

We have given a map that marks the locations of all these stone tablets required to unlock the Snow-Tombed Starsilver Claymore in Genshin Impact.

Ancient Carving # 1 – Statue of The Seven

To find the first ancient carving, make your way to the Statue of the Seven. in Dragonspine. Next, head into the room directly below it.

Interacting with it will cause a rune to light up. There will be seven other runes as well that will illuminate once you have interacted with all other ancient carvings.

Ancient Carving # 2 – Wyrmrest Valley

The second Ancient Carving in Genshin Impact can be found on a cliff, which lies directly west of Wyrmrest Valley. There will be a huge robot present here, make sure to knock it out before interacting with the carving.

Ancient Carving # 3 – West of Ancient Carving #2

Simply continue west from the location of the previous carving and you’ll be able to pick up Ancient Carving #3. Before you can collect this Carving, it is important to complete the In the Mountains questline.

If you go to this area without doing so, the entrance will be blocked by a Cryo Hypostasis.

Ancient Carving # 4 – Snow Covered Path

For the fourth Ancient Carving, make your way to the Snow Covered Path. Travel to the edge of the area and you’ll find the Carving resting on one of the cliffs ends.

Ancient Carving # 5 – Starglow Cavern

Head over to Starglow Cavern, which is located south of Skyfrost Nail in Dragonspine. Explore the cavern until you find the carving on top of a slab.

Ancient Carving # 6 – Entombed City

The sixth Ancient Carving is located in the Entombed City in Dragonspine. However, to access the city you need at least three Priest Boxes. They can be found in the Starglow Cavern, Wyrmrest Valley, and in the Snow-Covered Path.

Once you have all three Priest Boxes, make your way to the Entombed City and explore the area until you can locate it.

Ancient Carving # 7 – Peak of Vinagnyr

The seventh carving can be found near carving #5. Simply head to the Peak of Vinagnyr, which is located to the north of Skyfrost Nail. Explore the bottom of the peak to locate it.

Ancient Carving # 8 – East of Starglow Cavern

The eighth and final ancient carving is located near Starglow Cavern. Make your way to the area and head towards the southeast until you find a broken stone wall. The item will be found under it.

The Secret Room – What to do with Ancient Carvings

Once you’ve collected all eight Ancient Carvings, head back to the statue of the seven, the sight of the first carving. Interacting with the switch will open the locked door. 

Behind the door, you’ll find the recipe of the Snow-tombed Starsilver Claymore. It requires 50 Crystal Chunks and 50 Starsilver to be crafted by a blacksmith.

If you’re looking for some extra rewards, just light up all four torches in the room before you leave to get yourself another four-star claymore.

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