Gen 3 Pokemon Coming In Pokemon Go Research Rewards This November

Developers have decided to add Gen 3 Pokemon in the Research Rewards of Pokemon Go in November which also includes Shedinja.

As October is drawing towards its end we have some more Research Rewards to look for in Pokemon Go. November will come with new Pokemon for the players from Gen 3, as confirmed by the developers. Fans were in line to hear such Pokemon Go news and the recent announcement has made them eager as ever.

Although this news isn’t what fans expected it is sending positive vibes, nonetheless. Many ideas were starting to float around the Pokemon Go community but this still comes as a surprise. Players were thinking that an already known in-game character would reappear.

Developers have added Shedinja in upcoming Research Rewards of Pokemon Go. Despite having a wide range of options including a Gen 3 Pokemon is an unanticipated move. Now, the fans are having trouble guessing who the Bug-type Pokemon will be.

In light of this news, fans speculate that this opens doors to fill the 289-291 Pokedex entries. Fans are guessing Ninjask and Nincada to appear as Bug-type Gen 3 Pokemon. Research Rewards in Pokemon Go remain much on the imagination of your own till the details come out.

Besides, there is not a lot of time left on 2 November so we will have our doubts cleared soon. Earlier, Generation 4 of Pokemon got reported to arrive soon in the game. Later on, the travel time of these Sinnoh Region characters was then found to take a while.

Even an 8 Gen news starting floating around due to some Pokemon Go leak showing what was never seen before. Moreover, EX Raids reportedly got major changes too.

Additionally, we found a way to bring down Deoxys in Pokemon Go which can save you a lot of trouble. Trainers can gain real input from this Pokemon Go guide. In fact, it could save them from a lot of trouble in bringing down this new boss.

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