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Gears of War 4 Beta Gameplay Worth 14 Minutes Leaked Ahead of Time

We know that the Gears of War 4 beta is going to kick off with early access on April 18, with the normal version launching on April 25. This would naturally mean that everyone who has access to the game now will be under embargo. However, somehow a Gears of War 4 Beta gameplay has surfaced online.

The video in question is 14 minutes long and takes you on a trip to multiple game modes of the game starting with the deathmatch.

The video also features some of the brutal executions that can be performed. Surely, The Coalition is turning the tone darker like they promised back when the game was originally announced.

The latter half of the video also shows off Dodgeball on the same map as the one where Team Deathmatch is shown i.e. Harbour.

A couple of hours ago another brutal execution was shown off where you can impale your enemy head on a gun and then shoot them in whichever direction you want to point your gun. This does put a question mark on the game’s physics but it surely adds a punch to the gameplay at the same time.

Rod Fergusson has also shared an execution where you can literally explode the head of your enemy into red goo that could stick all over the place and even the camera.

We are only six days behind the beta after which there will hopefully be tons of Gears of War 4 beta gameplay videos circling the internet and we will not leave a single one out. Stay tuned for all that.

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