Gears Of War 2 Ultimate Edition Rumors Are Starting To Circulate

Rumors about the possibility of a Gears of War 2 Ultimate Edition are apparently starting to circulate, saying that a remastered version of the game could be in development. Whether it’s true or not we have no idea, but it would be an interesting idea after the original Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

While Gears of War Ultimate Edition was a version of Gears of War remastered and revamped to be up to the standards of the Xbox One, the other Gears of War games that came after it also got a graphical upgrade to look better on the Xbox One. However, they didn’t get the same sort of treatment that Gears of War did. They were just put onto the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list.

Gears of War 2 is, of course, the direct continuation of the original Gears of War’s storyline. In the aftermath of the Lightmass bombing at the end of the first game, the Locust haven’t been destroyed. So the Coalition of Ordered Governments instead makes plans to launch a massive invasion of the Hollow, the Locust’s home, while the Locust start sinking cities in the Jacinto Plateau.

The game got critical acclaim for a deeper plot, better visuals, and an improved multiplayer mode, along with several heart-tugging moments that brought a number of plotlines to a close.

If a Gears of War 2 Ultimate Edition actually is in the works, then players would be able to experience that sort of stuff all over again, and with better graphics and a number of other additions besides. While there’s no definite proof in the meantime, getting a remastered version of the game would still be a boon to the Xbox One.

We’ll have to see from Microsoft and The Coalition if a Gears of War 2 Ultimate Edition is actually happening, but until then we’ll have to play the backwards compatible version of the game.