Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 1 Lockdown Walkthrough

The first chapter of Gears Tactics Act 3 revolves around obtaining a file that contains the truth behind the origin of the Locust. In this Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 1 Lockdown Walkthrough, we’ll show you how you can infiltrate the Storehouse and acquire the file in Chapter 1 Act 3.

Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 1 Lockdown

Reach and Open the Gate
Your first objective in this chapter is to reach and open the gate, which is towards your North-East.

Station all four squad members behind the little building to your right and put them on Overwatch of the East side.

Carefully move towards the gate and always remain behind cover. Multiple hostiles will start to make their way towards you.

The best way to eliminate them is by using grenades as you can kill several of them at once.

After you clear the battlefield and arrive at the gate, interact with the console on the right to open it.

Defeat the Enemy Guards
Go through the gate and put your team on Overwatch of the stairs. When several of them pile up on the stairs, throw a grenade to take them out easily.

Keep two soldiers on Overwatch of the right stairs and have the other two work their way up the left stairs.

You’ll have to kill 8 hostiles in total, which will be relatively easy if you use Overwatch properly.

Search the Storehouse
After you eliminate all the hostiles, your new objective for Lockdown mission is to search this Storehouse. All you need to do is grab the file from the box in the North-East section of this building to finish this objective.

Regroup at the Extraction Point
The extraction point will be guarded by a large number of hostiles. Move out of the building, hide behind cover and put at least 2 soldiers on Overwatch.

There will be about 8 hostiles grouped together adjacent to the extraction point so grenades will once again come in very handy.

You’ll have to use even more grenades when the hostiles move towards you because there will be 2-3 of them together, so you won’t be able to handle them all using your guns.

Try to weaken them with guns and then finish them off using the grenade.

Once you regroup at the extraction point, a cutscene will start and Act 3 Chapter 1 will subsequently conclude and you can proceed to Biohazard mission.