Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 4 Survivors Walkthrough

This guide will help you complete the Act 1 Chapter 4 Survivors mission in Gears Tactics with tips about combat encounters and more

Having trouble with the locust horde in Gear Tactics?  Well, you’re in luck because you’ve come to just the right place. The following guide is a walkthrough of Gear Tactics Act 1 Chapter 4 Survivors.

Gears Tactics Act 1 Chapter 4 Survivors

Unlike Rough Justice, this time you control a 4-man squad for the mission. The 4-member squad we used during Act 1 Chapter 4 Survivors mission includes:

  • Tyrone Wolf Shepherd – level 2 heavy
  • Sid Redburn – level 3 vanguard
  • Gabe Diaz – level 3 support
  • Marcella Specter Trinh – level 1 scout

The primary goal of the mission is to fight your way to the heavily guarded civilian vehicle and then, once you are there, defend it against the enemy reinforcements sent to retake it.

Furthermore, you must ensure that Sid and Gabe make it out of the mission alive otherwise, there will be a checkpoint restart.

The first move of this mission is to move your squad down the stairs of the platform where it spawned and spread it out just enough to gain a tactical advantage over the locusts.

Once your squad is in position, you will notice locusts rushing towards the chokepoint.

Most of them will encamp there while a handful of them will rush to your position mindlessly, allowing you to easily take them down.

As far as the encamped locusts in this encounter of Survivors mission are concerned, a grenade will totally dismantle them if used wisely.

One of these locusts will be holding a position close to the vehicle and it shouldn’t be much harder to kill.

Once you have cleared the area near the civilian vehicle, you’ll have to engage in skirmishes against locusts for a short span of time if you wish to hold your position and hence, complete the mission.

Here, it is important that the safety of Gabe and Sid are the foremost of your concerns so plant them in position where they have the best fortification.

For Gabe, the bunkered position with the two containers to the left of the yellow vehicle is suggested as both the E-holes are towards the right.

For Sid, I would suggest the position just in front of the yellow vehicle with Marcella and Tyrone giving him cover.

For the Locusts emerging from the E-holes, your best option is to try to eliminate them with frag grenades unless you want a large group of them swamping in on you.

Also, as these locusts are grenadiers, their immediate elimination is crucial to your survival even more so.

Wretches are comparatively easy to deal with if you smartly plan your strategy and simply use the overwatch ability.

Once all the enemy reinforcements are destroyed, the Act 1 Chapter 4 Survivors mission is completed.

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