Possible Gears of War Twitter Hack Resulted Into a May 25 Server Shutdown Announcement

A Gears of War Twitter hack falsely announced that the game's servers would shut down on May 25, but The Coalition disagrees, and says they didn't post it.

A possible Gears of War Twitter hack has just “announced” that the Gears of War 4 servers will be shutting down on May 25, this coming Thursday. The tweet says that more information would soon follow, but a subsequent tweet said that the servers would be staying up, and the tweet was fake.

Social media hacking is something that many Twitter users, from developer studios to big companies to individual people, have to deal with. With a game as popular as Gears of War, it’s no surprise that someone would try and stir up trouble for a barrel of laughs, poorly thought out as it was.

Thankfully, the deception was apparently uncovered very quickly and corrected by The Coalition, and whoever runs their social media. The subsequent tweet that came after the one used in the Gears of War Twitter hack said that the servers would not only be staying up, but also that the tweet did not come from their team.

Various other studios and companies have had their social media accounts hacked before. For instance, during the time that Hello Games (the developers of the infamous flop No Man’s Sky) had seemingly dropped off the face of the earth after the game’s horrific release showing, someone hacked their own Twitter account and put up the message “No Man’s Sky was a mistake.”

Some people thought that Sean Murray, the head of the studio, had finally snapped and made that tweet. However, the studio eventually deleted the tweet and apologized, saying that they had been hacked. The studio has since gotten better about updating No Man’s Sky.

So, until another Gears of War game (if it’s made) comes out, The Coalition will likely keep the Gears of War 4 multiplayer servers up, regardless of what any possible Gears of War Twitter hack says.

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