Cliff Bleszenski Reveals the Direction Phil Spencer Wanted to Take With Gears

Cliff Blezinski, the architect of Gears of War, claimed in an interview that Phil Spencer wanted Gears of War to have more horror in it.

Cliff Blezinski, formerly of Epic Games, revealed in a recent interview with the XboxEra Podcast that Xbox head Phil Spencer wanted to put more horror elements back in the Gears of War games. We might be seeing creepier stuff when the sixth Gears of War game comes around.

While Gears of War has always been a third-person shooter game, the story was never without its horror elements. Whether it was the Kryll in the first game, Delta Squad traveling to the New Hope Research Facility and finding the Sires, the precursors to the Locust Horde in the second game, or the horrific effects of long-term Imulsion in Gears of War 2 and 3, the Gears games have often put creepy stuff alongside the action.

While the series has gotten a bit back into its horror roots with the rise of the Swarm in previous games, such things have apparently become too few and far between for Phil Spencer’s liking. Considering we’ve learned the origin of the Swarm threat in the new trilogy, if we do get more horror-styled things in a new Gears of War game, who knows what The Coalition will put into them?

And this is even if the game gets any horror material, or if a sixth mainline Gears of War game is even coming in the future. Gears of War 5 came out in 2019 and we’ve heard nothing of a new game since then, even at E3 or the Summer of Gaming. While side-games have been released, including Gears Tactics, they’ve also all been focused on the action bits.

If Phil Spencer really wants The Coalition to bring back more of the horror parts of the Gears of War games, then at this point all we can really do is wait and see how such a thing actually plays out.

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