Why Gears Of War 5 Is Called Gears 5? Studio Head Rod Fergusson Explains

Why is the fifth installment in the Gears Of War series called Gears 5? The studio head Rod Fergusson attempts to explain such a change.

As you may very well know, we recently had E3 2018 conference and it actually went great, we were able to see some really good reveals alongside some amazing trailers and teasers. Among those big announcements was of the reveal of Gears 5 by Mircosoft.

This next installment to the long-running series, Gears Of War really took the audience to a whole different level. Although what really came as a surprise was the change of name, while others were calling it Gears Of War 5, the studio seems to have removed the “of War” and reduced it to Gears 5. Fortunately head of The Coalition studio, Rod Fergusson has shed some light into the matter.

This change of name got most thinking, what has the studio planned for this long-running series? Why have they removed the “War” from the title? Have they done a similar change in the game as well? Fans have been very much anxious about the matter, to which the studio head took to his Twitter account and attempted to explain, why the studio opted for such a change.

During a conversation with IGN’s Ryan McCaffery, Rod Fergusson said that the studio has all the intention to invest in the growth of this franchise, which apparently was the reason for shortening the name of this fifth installment of the series.

He specifically said,

“Gears of War is still the franchise name but now that we’re doing a family of products it made more sense to shorten the titles down – Gears Pop, Gears Tactics & Gears 5. Plus we always just call it Gears anyway so it feels good to simplify”

He may be right about one thing, that mostly we do refer to the Gears of War as Gears only, still, it seems like the question remains the same. Is this change only designated to the name, or have they brought similar change in the title? Perhaps we shall know, when we check out the game.

Gears 5 is slated to roll out sometime in 2019.

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