Gears of War 4 Sets Up a New Trilogy for the Series

Gears of War 4 is part of the new trilogy from The Coalition Studio. Developers discuss the direction of the series and how it will move forward.

Gears of War 4 will kick off a brand new trilogy, according to The Coalition Studio. Developers of the game spoke recently with GameInformer to discuss the future of Gears of War.

They revealed that Gears of War is here to stay and Microsoft plans to continue developing it. As you may know, Epic Games was the original creator of the series but after Gears of War Judgment, the series was put on a hiatus. Many wondered what will happen to it, Epic was silent, and suddenly one day we found out that Microsoft has purchased Gears of War from Epic Games.

Obviously, it didn’t acquire Epic’s intellectual property for just one game. Gears of War will go beyond Gears of War 4.

Rod Fergusson stated:

We talked about things like alternate planets and things like that [but] we wanted to stay on Sera because we wanted to have the opportunity to revisit old places and use specific weapons, to have these touchstones to the past

That’s when we decided ‘let’s go all the way forward, let’s put enough time in and have a new generation of heroes and create JD Fenix, Marcus’s son,” he continued.

Chuck Osieja, creative director spilled the beans for a new trilogy:

For us it was ‘ok, moving forward, how do we set-up a foundation for not just a trilogy, but for a much larger universe.

Gears of War 4 will not only introduce new characters, story elements but we also have new enemy types and weapons. The game will present an even greater challenge than it did in previous entries.

Gears of War 4 release is planned for late 2016 exclusively on Xbox One, for now. There are rumors of a PC version but a confirmation is pending.

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