Gears 5 Level Up Fast Guide – How to Level Up Fast, Leveling Tips

Our handy guide will help you level up fast in Gears 5 to stay ahead of the competition and unlock cool new items for your use.

Gears 5 multiplayer’s leveling system is your key to changing your play experience. You can earn all sorts of neat new things such as cosmetics that you can show off. There are three main types of Leveling systems in this game which we have explained in the Gears 5 Level Up Fast Guide below:

Gears 5 Level Up Fast

Multiplayer Core Level is your leaderboard and lobbies number that you see next to your name. In Horde Mode and Escape Mode, each character his own unique skills that can be leveled up to get them character-specific cosmetics and other neat things.

Players do challenges to earn points and level up. This guide is about raising your core Multiplayer Level. There are a few easy tips and tricks that you can follow to do this. We have listed these tips below:

The Right Game Modes
Game modes like King Of The Hill and Escalation are the best for leveling up quickly because they keep you moving. You constantly have to kill while gathering higher scores for a longer period of time than with other modes. Deathmatch is a very popular and fun mode but it’s not great for racking up points to level up quick.

Finishing Objectives
When playing King Of The Hill or Escalation, getting kills can get you some easy points (around 150-250) but you can get more than double of that if you actually claim rings. So rather than just being trigger happy left and right, try to finish the objective to earn 750-850 points.

XP Boosts
If you bought the Ultimate Edition, then you already have quite a few boost packs provided while in the Standard Edition, you have to purchase them from the store for around 250, 600, and 1200 Iron respectively.

You know the boosts are active if you see them on the top right of your screen. Make the most use of them as you can when doing the aforementioned Game Modes.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about leveling up quickly in Gears 5 Multiplayer Mode.