Gears 5 Act 1 Collectibles Guide – Where to Find All Collectibles in Act 1

Our Act 1 Collectibles guide for Gears 5 will help you in finding and picking up all 26 collectibles in the act if you are a completionist.

To all the Gears of War fans, I say, REJOICE! For finally, after 3 long years, do we have a new title in the series. And with this new installment, there is a treasure trove of collectibles to possess. Gears 5, divided into 4 Acts, has a plethora of items to search for and collect, and our Act 1 collectibles guide will help you in doing that.

Gears 5 Act 1 Collectibles

Below is a list of all the collectibles and components that can be found in the 4 chapters of Act 1; a total of 26 collectibles.

Chapter 1 – Shot In the Dark

Weathered Spectacles
The first collectible can be found right in the beginning when you rappel down and are wading through the water. Look for an alcove and walks towards it, you’ll find the glasses there.

Onyx Guard Challenge Coin
After getting the Weathered Spectacles, continue towards the objective but remain on the left side. Eventually, you’ll come across a path that’s heading downwards, on this point you’ll find the collectible.

Wellness Advisory Poster
Go to the facility and keep an eye on the walls. Just before you have to use your Lancer on the first set of cables, in a locker room/bathroom, look for a colorful poster that’s advertising Azura – this is the collectible.

COG Tags: Fallen Azura Gear
Head to the Infirmary and look for a skeleton on top a bed. There should be a bag next to the skeleton, between these 2 objects you’ll find the next collectible – COG Tags.

Chairman’s Wristwatch
Progress through the level until you’ve reached a set of offices. The collectible can be found on one of the desks.

Lightmass Missile Strike Authorisation
Continue through the level, eventually you’ll come to an industrial area with control rooms, many of them up a level so you’ll have to take the stairs to reach them.

After dealing with some Swarm, go upstairs and search through the rooms on the left side. One of the rooms will have large monitors, in that room, you’ll find the collectible.

UIR Hammer of Dawn Blueprints
Continue through the level, in an area that you must cross in order to complete the level, you’ll find the blueprints. In the room right before the Commander’s office, you’ll see a globe on a desk.

On the table in front of this globe, you’ll find the last collectible of this chapter.

Chapter 2 – Diplomacy

Photograph of Kilo Squad
In Baird’s lab, turn around and you’ll find it on a desk.

Mark 3 Lancer Blueprints
Remain in Baird’s lab and look for wooden boxes with the word ‘Medical’ written on the side. The same room where you’ll acquire the Flash upgrade for Jack. The blueprint is on top of some of the boxes.

Trauma Record: Marcus Fenix
Before going to Baird for his training, in the same room as #02, look for a metal trolley. The collectible is next to it.

Gym Notice to Trainees
Go to the gym and watch the cutscene with Fahz fighting the robot. This is before #04. Look behind from where you fought the robot, on the wall you’ll notice a small piece of paper; this is the collectible.

DBI Marketing Brochure
After leaving the gym, make way to Jinn’s office. Before heading in, look for a blue couch, it should be opposite to a reception desk.

Chapter 3 – This Is War

COG Tags: Fallen Raven Pilot
After the Juvies attack and you begin the level, leave the first room and stay on the left side until you see a downed COG. Grab the Tags off of it.

The New Ephyran 20th Anniversary Edition
Continue through the level until you go upstairs and into a set of offices. Look for a desk that’s in between two ‘New Ephyran’ posters. Search for it on the desk.

Seditious Literature
After a firefight, head upstairs until you reach some offices with broken windows that overlook the world outside. On the left-hand side of the room, look for a desk with a computer; the collectible is in front of the computer.

Settlement 2 Welcome Package
Close to where you found Component 8, there should be a small room to the left of where you found the component. The room you’re looking for is a bedroom, and the collectible can be found atop a side table, hanging overhead are some clothes.

Storied Embry Star
After leaving the apartment building, you’ll have to fight a large Swarm. Afterward, go to the building where Snipers were shooting you from. Begin your ascent and head to the room where the snipers were.

Go to the back right corner towards the drawers next to a stove and kettle. The collectible is hidden in the drawer.

COG Tags
Fallen Gears at Condor Crash: Once you’ve retrieved the component, head to the left path and look for a crashed Condor. You might walk directly over it so it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate.

Seran Colossus
Close to the end of the level, you’ll enter an area with several shops. You’re looking for a book shop. Once located head inside and walk towards a golden statue of the globe and two readers. The collectible is on the far side of this statue.

Chapter #4 – The Tide Turns

Memo to Bomah Hotel Staff
After getting the Stim for Jack and getting through the fire in the street, you’ll face off against some Swarm.

Afterward, you’ll be told to go through the hotel but before doing so, go through the left most loading dock door, into the parking garage. Towards the back, behind some shelves, you’ll find it.

COG Tags: Fallen Gear at Hotel
Go through the hotel until you’ve reached a darker area; this will be after you go through a set of double doors. Leaning on some shelves you’ll see a dead COG; the tags are next to him.

Lost Horse Plush
Head to the lobby of the hotel. There are several lounges in this area, look for one that has a sofa and a crooked painting hanging above it. Inside the lounge you’ll find a dead body and the collectible next to it.

Settlement 2 Summer Birth Pamphlet
Go upstairs and into a room with several party decorations. On the table on the right side, just before you have to crouch to pass through the barricade, the pamphlet is on it.

Song Lyrics
Once you’re in the theatre, make your way to the backstage and look for an open dressing room. The collectible is on the desk.

Worn Lighter
Remain in the backstage area and explore until you find a dressing table with lights attached to the rim of the mirror. There will also be a bust on the table, next to it you’ll find the lighter.

Octus Canon Scroll Prop
Remain in the backstage area. Explore until you reach an area with a left-hand turn. There will be double doors there as well.

Instead of going left or through the doors, look to the right, you’ll see a ladder hanging on the wall. Underneath that and towards the corner you’ll find the final collectible of Act 1.

That’s it for Act 1! 26 collectibles all-in-all, but be prepared for even more exploring as Act 2 has much more for you to hunt for!

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