Garena Acquires Heroes of Newerth Under Its Frostburn Studios

Garena, the renowned gaming platform service that has over 17 million users every month, has acquired the MOBA game Heroes of Newerth.

Garena has taken over from S2, the parent company of Heroes of Newerth (commonly known as HoN), and has assigned the MOBA game to its subsidiary company called Frostburn Studios.

The takeover is not just the heritage of the game itself, but also its management and almost the entire original team working on HoN. The development crew will now be a full-time part of Frostburn Studios.

Heroes of Newerth was released way back in 2010, and was greatly inspired by DoTA (like most modern MOBA games). Deemed to likely be more successful than its counterparts, Heroes of Newerth was looking to surpass competitors such as League of Legends and DoTA 2.

However, the development and marketing of the game never really acquired pace, and now the title seems to be a mere shadow of what it could’ve been.

Garena seems to have the required influence on the internet to bring HoN back to the top and challenge the likes of LoL and DoTA.

The obvious targeted market at the start will be Asia, where Garena is based (Singapore headquarters). With the huge amounts of money involved in e-sports that surround MOBA games like League of Legends and DOTA 2, it would make sense if Garena’s primary focus shifted to Heroes of Newerth and its production/promotion.

Source: Kill Ping

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