How to Play Multiplayer Games Online On GameRanger

This GameRanger Setup Guide has been carefully crafted to help you play all multiplayer games online with your friends and foes.

In this GameRanger Setup Guide, we will show you how to play multiplayer games for free using GameRanger.

GameRanger Setup Guide

GameRanger is an online gaming tool originally build for Apple Macintosh OS. It was developed in 1999 by a person named Scott Kevill. The software was appreciated a lot as the concept of virtual networking was not well known at that time.

Recently support for Windows has been integrated in this software and currently you can play more than 600 PC games using this software.
But the question is, can this software compete with other giants in the market like Tunngle and Hamachi? Read it’s features and decide it yourself.

What does GameRanger have to Offer?

Primarily this service has been made to play games by establishing a virtual network between the players like other VPN softwares.

You can use GameRanger to continue playing multiplayer on games which do not support the feature anymore. Basically, it dupes the games into thinking you’re playing on LAN.

There is a messenger interface where you can add your buddies and chat with them. You are allowed to add 50 buddies in the free version and if you want to add more than 50, you need to buy it’s premium version.

Ranking and ladder system has been embedded in the service which can be accessed by premium users only. Healthy support is available for urgent help on this software.

How To Host a Game

These were the main features of this software. Now lets have a look how this software can be used to play your favorite games.
Hosting a game using GameRanger is not that difficult. All you need to do is just follow the following simple steps:

Step 1|Download the software

The software is available as a free download on their official website.

Step 2|Create an account

Next thing you need to do is make an account on GameRanger. You will be asked to make an account when its setup is completed.

Step 3|Login/Add Buddies

Once you have installed the software and made an account successfully, login into your account and invite your buddies.You can also search them in multiple ways e.g via Hotmail ID or GameRanger ID etc.

Step 4|Host Game

Now host the game you want to play from the file option above the software.If that game is present on your hard drive, it will be detected automatically and your host lobby will be established.

Do note that GameRanger does not have lobbies for specific games, the lobbies are categorized by a game filter. If you want to see lobbies only for the games you play, you can change the filter to ‘My Games’.

Step 5|Game Room Options

You can make it password protected if you want it to be private for your friends only.Ask your friends to join the hosted room and once all the players are in the same room,they can find the hosted game on LAN.

Step 6| Make Sure to Check Pings

You can also estimate the ping through “Ping signals” displayed in front of every hosted room. Join the rooms only with green and yellow pings and you are good.

Don’t forget to share your GameRanger experience with us. To me it can be a good alternative for softwares like Tunngle and Hamachi. Developers can make it more better if they focus on it’s updates as updates are few and far between for GameRanger, making it sometimes an old software having compatibility issues with the latest games.

Connectivity Issues

If a player has connectivity issues, their name will be written in Italics. Should this happen to you, do not click the start button. If GameRanger notices that a player has a router error (which could possibly create a problem while connecting to other players) a notice is given to the player and GameRanger links them to a page carrying instructions on how to fix their issue.

How to remove Advertisements

Advertisements on GameRanger may cause lag, but they can be removed quite easily.

What you need to do first is find your ’Hosts’ text file, located in C:\Windows\Syastem32\drivers\etc. Then paste the text file on your desktop. Now, you have to edit the file and add the following text at the bottom of it.

Once this is done, put the file back where you found it and the advertisements will be removed.

That is all for our GameRanger Setup Guide. Please visit our other GamrRanger guide on How to Play FIFA 11 LAN Online Using Gameranger.

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