Game Talk Ep.5 – We Happy Few, Renowned Explorers, Velocity 2X, Neon Struct, Space Sluggers

In the latest episode of Game Talk, we have more interesting games worth checking out. One of the main ones is the announcement of We Happy Few, from the same developers who made Contrast.

There’s only a short reveal trailer for We Happy Few so far, but its strange setting has our eyes peeled already. There’s a certain Bioshock vibe a lot of people won’t be able to shake off, which is surely a good thing to have tied to your game.

In turn, the developers of god sim Reus brought out the first gameplay action for Renowned Explorers: International Society. In their latest project, we follow a team of adventurers in the 19th century as they cut through jungles and desert in search of fame and fortune.

As with its previous installment, Velocity 2X is ready to be ported from its Playstation builds. Its side-scrolling action will now also go to Xbox One and PC.

Moreover, Velocity 2X will receive backing from Sierra, the famous adventuring label. Developer Futurlab will sustain this cooperation in later efforts.

For those who remember the first-person roguelike, Eldritch, there is some good news. The developer has a new game in the works, called Neon Struct, which will show off its stealth gameplay to the world on May 20, 2015

Publisher Surprise Attack Games also has more games to show off. Where it released A Druid’s Duel only a few weeks ago, the company is now set on bringing Space Sluggers to PC.

Space Sluggers is a top-down twin-stick shooter with different characters, upgrade qualities and so on. Additionally, the publisher is also working on Fort Meow, a game where you need to make pillow forts to protect yourself from kitties.

As always, feel free to tell us if you saw some neat games flying under the radar, so we can pick up on them as well. We’re always looking for more things to show to you on Game Talk.

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