Game of Thrones Achievement/Trophy Guide

Now, the Achievements/Trophies in the game are not that hard to get as the difficulty level is not a problem. You can play the game easily on the Squire difficulty and focus on the objectives. Most of the Game of Thrones Achievement/Trophy are story-related, but some of them are associated with the side quest missions.

I will recommend that you also refer to our Game of Thrones: Side Quest Guide to find out how these side quests can be completed in different chapters.

If you want to avoid spoilers, play the game first without referring to any guide. You can go for the achievements and side quest on your second play-through. Choice is yours.

Note: After Chapter 13, you won’t be able to go back and complete any side quest you might have missed, which will also lose you the related Achievements/Trophies. So, if you want to get the full achievements/trophies badge, you better complete those side quests before the start of Chapter 14.

For more help on Game of Thrones, read our Statues Locations and Side-Quests Guide.

Game of Thrones Achievement/Trophy

Chapter 1

Winter is coming
Requirement: Finish Chapter 1

Requirement: Confront the four recruits during the training session with Mars

After the cut-scene is over, choose “I’ll show them who’s in charge here” and go talk to the rookies. You need to win both the battles to to get this achievement/trophy.

Devout follower
Requirement: Find all the statues of the Seven

After your training, you will meet Walder in the castle who will give you a statue (The Warrior) and will ask you to find other seven. You will be able to find these statues at various places in the game. Read this Guide.

Chapter 2 Achievements/Trophies

Family is hope
Requirement: Finish Chapter 2

Know your place
Requirement: Protect the nobility with Alester

You will be asked to deal with the revolt in Riverspring. You need to take out the guards first and then the peasants. Make sure that you choose to protect the noble to get this achievement/trophy.

Man of the People
Requirement: Protect the people with Alester

The sequence of events mentioned above will also unlock this achievement/trophy for you. This time however, you need to let the peasants go. So, choose the arguments that will support those people.You can save the game after the first (Know Your Place) achievement/trophy and then load it again for this one.

Chapter 3 Achievements/Trophies

Dark wings, dark words
Requirement: Finish Chapter 3.

Chapter 4

Hear me roar
Requirement: Finish Chapter 4.

Chapter 5

Proud to be faithful
Requirement: Finish Chapter 5.

Chapter 6

Dead men sing no songs
Requirement: Finish Chapter 6.

End of The Line
Requirements: Don’t lose pursuit of the bastard

Chapter 7

Hear we stand
Requirement: Finish Chapter 7.

Requirement: Find all the corrupt brothers of the Night’s Watch

Adam Flowers will ask you to find the traitors in the Night’s Watch. You will have to different people to get this achievement/trophy. For more details, follow the link for the side quest information related to this achievement/trophy.

Once more unto the breach
Requirement: Attack the camp without killing the sentries at the start

At the end of the chapter, in the basement of Mole’s Town, you will find some of the bad guys near the campsite. Choose to attack now instead of following the Sentries to get this achievement/trophy unlocked.

Chapter 8 Achievements/Trophies

Endless Watch
Requirement: Send 10 recruits to the Wall with Mors

You will be able to find recruits at various places after Chapter 8. Read our Side Quest guide to find out the locations of these recruits.

Am I not merciful
Requirement: Save Orys from the City Watch

You will fight with some people known as the Reapers in the Sewers in Chapter 8. All you need to do is spare Orys’ life at the end to unlock this Achievement/Trophy.

Requirement: Find the key in Alester’s father’s tomb

You need a key from Allester’s Father’s coffin. You need go all the way back into the tunnels under the Riverspring castle and get the key. It will open the door in the office of his father from where you need to get some documents.

Requirement: Convince Bethany to return to Chataya’s brothel with Alester

The Achievement/Trophy is related to “Self-Made Girl” side quest. All you need to do make her go back to the place she belongs to for this achievement/trophy to be unlocked.

The Greatest
Requirement: Emerge triumphant in the final arena combat

After fighting in the arena for the book in the sewers. You can go back in there and fight to win the tournament. This will unlock the achievement/trophy for you.

Requirement: Seize the three objects of value from the Collector with Alester

After you get Alester’s father’s secret documents from the room. You will also find a letter their briefing about the traitor. You should find him and take him out to get the achievement/trophy.

Chapter 9 Achievements/Trophies

Unbowed, unbent, unbroken
Requirement: Finish Chapter 9.

The butcher comes to dinner
Requirement: Kill 6 of Lord Harlton’s soldiers during the fight at dinner

At the dinner with Lord Harlton, you will find a plot has been set to kill Mors and Alester (the drinks were poisoned). You need to take out the six soldiers before Mors’ health run out. This will also get you the related achievement/trophy.

Tis but a scratch
Requirement: Suffer all the physical abuse during the torture sequence

After you have been captured (when you fall down after the drink) and being punished, don’t give any information and just let them do their task to unlock this achievement/trophy.

Chapter 10

Fire and blood
Requirement: Finish Chapter 10.

Chapter 11

Come try me
Requirement: Finish Chapter 11.

Swift & Deadly
Requirements: Finish the Trial by Combat under 2 minutes.

Choose the Swift, non-reactionary answer to Valar’s taunts.

Chapter 12 Achievements/Trophies

As high as honor
Requirement: Finish Chapter 12.

Unrivaled strategist
Requirement: Take back Riverspring with a total victory

After taking the Riverspring Castle, you will be in a meeting where you will be asked about the strategy to take the rest of the Riverspring. Ryman will take charge of the marketplace so send the bowman to him.

Let Jon go with the armed villagers. Greydon will lead the Pikeman. This way, you will have the victory and this achievement/trophy unlocked.

Chapter 13

Growing strong
Requirements: Finish Chapter 13.

Quiet As a Shadow
Requirements: You have to reach Jayne’s room without spooking anyone or being seen.

The last person is a little hard to dodge and hence as soon as you open the Final door, change to your dog and rush after him. Keep attacking him by pressing A.

Chapter 14 Achievements/Trophies

Valar morghulis
Requirements: Finish Chapter 14.

Lesser of two evils
Requirement: Come to the aid of the Reapers

When you go back to Kings Landing, you will see Orys being questioned. You need to save him to get this achievement/trophy.

The true face of the Spider
Requirement: Lose the final battle

It’s strange, but since it’s the requirement, you will have to loose the battle with Valarr and his shadow at Red’s Keep on purpose to get this achievement/trophy.

Chapter 15

The night is dark
Requirement: Finish Chapter 15

My Darkest Hour
Requirement: Execute the judgment passed down on the Westfords

Chapter 16

Red priest of R’hllor
Requirement: Finish Alester’s story

All you need to do is beat the game as Alester.

Sworn brother
Requirement: Finish Mors’ story

Choose Mors at the end of Chapter 13 so that you complete his story.

Other Achievements/Trophies

There are some other Achievements/Trophies that are not related to the story of the game.

Requirement: Complete all the secondary objectives of the story.

Follow the link to find our side quests guide that will help you get this achievement/trophy.

Requirement: Use Mors’ dog’s sense of smell to find 5 secret objects

You will the dog after Chapter 3. You can use him to follow scents and locate the hidden treasures. Chapter 3 and 5 will be enough for you to find these treasures. The following video will show you where you can find them:

R’hllor sees all
Requirement: Find 10 secrets with the vision of R’hllor

While you are in Chapter 4, Alester will get the ability to find hidden switches to the doors through the newly acquired Flames ability. You need to find objects, like some walls on fire without flames. These will be the places where you can use his ability to reveal the hidden switches. You need 5 of them and the Castle Black is one good place to search them.

Golden touch
Requirement: Acquire 1 golden dragon

Just in case, you don’t have this trophy by the end of the game, you can save the game, sell all your items and buy one to get the achievement/trophy. You can reload the game to get your sold items intact. Easy enough?

Man’s best friend
Requirement: Kill 10 enemies with Mors’ dog in skinchanger mode

You need to use Mors’ dog to get 10 enemies killed. Sneak behind the enemy marked with red cone, and press the concerned button to enter the QTE for the kill. You can do it anytime you want but if you choose a mission where you have to sneak kill multiple enemies (like in chapter 5), that will be a quicker way.

True warrior
Requirement: Kill 400 enemies.

You may have this achievement/trophy unlocked by the end of the game. If you haven’t killed that much people, it’s obvious that you need to kill more.

Requirement: Mete out 5 deathblows

You may have noticed that there are sometimes, cutscenes showing you the last blow you laid while dealing with a group of enemies. You need 5 of them and most probably, you will get them even without trying.

Great teamwork
Requirement: Finish the game without a single ally being KO’d

This can get tricky. Except Alester or Alester or Mors together, you can’t afford any ally to get knocked out throughout the game. You can tackle this problem by reloading the game each time any ally gets knocked out.

You should be careful as if you continued even once, without noticing that your Ally was dead in any quest, you won’t get this achievement/trophy. The achievement/trophy will be awarded during the credits display at the end.

Requirement: Reach the maximum level

You need to reach Level 15 to get this achievement/trophy unlocked. Just play your game and hopefully, you will have this one eventually.

Requirement: Learn all skills within a character’s stance tree

You can see the stance skills menu by pausing the game. You need to learn all the skills (which require points) for both Alester and Mors to get this achievement/trophy.

At chapter 7, make sure that you do not choose the new stance until you have learnt all the skills for the previous one.

Master of light and flame
Requirement: Gain all of the skills linked to R’hllor’s fire with Alester

Spend the points you have on Alester’s R’hllor fire ability to upgrade it fully.

Clever dog
Requirement: Gain all the skills linked to the dog with Mors

Just like Alester’s Flame ability, you need to fully upgrade Mors’ dog’s abilities to get this achievement/trophy.

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