Game Boy is Coming Back as Ultra Game Boy

The classic Game Boy is getting a makeover as Ultra Game Boy by Hyperkin. This will include some new features and will make improvements over the old ones.

Due to the booming sales of its retro consoles, Nintendo is planning to renew more of its popular consoles. But for now, third parties are making their own renewed Nintendo machines. Hyperkin has released a remake of the classic handheld console calling it an Ultra Game Boy, although it is still in development and is expected to host some improvements to the classic console.

Let’s look at some features that we know about this new Ultra Game Boy.

The Ultra Game Boy housing will be made of aluminum as opposed to the original Game Boy which was easy to put a scratch on. This new material will make it more durable and much safe to transport.

The LCD display of the new console will be adjustable due to the introduction of the third dial together with the contrast dial, and volume dial. The users will be able to turn off the backlight to get that true Game Boy experience.

Ultra Game Boy will include 6 hours of battery life and a USB-C port for charging.

The music will also get an upgrade and will produce modern electronic sound rather than the classic mono sound it generated.

As the console is still in production so the name Ultra Game Boy is not final but this is what they are calling it for the time being, so let’s go with it for now. The price of this modern/retro console should be around 100$. The only drawback is that it will have no built-in games and will only play the Classic Game Boy titles, So be sure to bring out your old cartridges.

This is a great opportunity to get in touch with your childhood memories and we hope more of the retro consoles get a makeover with some new features. Let us see if the console makes it big again in this modern world of gaming.” fingers crossed”

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