Game Awards 2018 Announcements Will Be More Than Ever Before

The Game Awards 2018 announcements coming this year will be more than ever before, but we'll just have to see what exactly comes to the show.

Geoff Keighley just said on Twitter that this year’s Game Awards 2018 announcements will be more numerous than ever before, which is saying something for one of the biggest video gaming events of the year. Normally the event gets multiple new game announcements in addition to its awards, so who knows what’ll come now.

Various other games aiming to come out either this year or the next year were announced back at the 2017 Game Awards, including GTFO, Witchfire, Soul Calibur 6, and, back in 2011 and 2015, Fortnite before its redesign and Psychonauts 2, respectively. Other games have also had regular trailers put out during the show, like Death Stranding.

If the Game Awards 2018 will end up having far more game announcement trailers than any show that it’s had before, hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot of ones that look interesting in order to get us excited for E3, and maybe there’ll be a few trailers as well that finally give us release dates, such as if another Death Stranding trailer comes.

While Death Stranding has already been hinted to be coming out sometime in 2019, and we got a little bit of gameplay at this year’s E3, to have at least some kind of confirmation about the game and when it will release would be something that every Kojima fan could look forward to.

We haven’t seen any sort of indication of what games will be part of the Game Awards 2018 announcements, but Keighley has also said that the show will be streaming to 40 different platforms, meaning that not only Twitch, but also various other platforms like YouTube and more will be ways that people can watch the show.

Either way, hopefully the when we see what games will be part of the Game Awards 2018 announcements, they’ll be games that we can’t wait to play when they come out.

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