Gabe Newell’s Son is Working On a New Game and No It’s Not Half Life 3

Gabe Newell's son Gray is currently working on a new game which is an FPS MMORPG. The game is in the process of pre-production and would take sometime before the solid details are shared by the development team.

Gray Newell is currently working on a new game codenamed “Fury.” There isn’t much known about the game yet as the title is currently in pre-production. However, we do know that the title is an accumulation of all of Gray’s life experiences.

The concept has a very Titanfall-ish feel to it which makes sense as Gray once wanted to work for Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment. However, he went ahead with creating his own studio to work on Fury.

Through the years, every single game I have played, every single movie I have seen, this project I am working on is a collection of many, many different experiences. At the end of the day it’ the game I always wanted to play.

We are working towards creating a project that’s goal is to give the community tools to create their own experiences similar to Gary’s Mod, Spore, and in the same realm as Star Citizen. In short, it is a sci-fi MMORPG FPS set in the semi-near future in the next 100 years.

Some of the people at Valve called us the good kind of crazy. We are trying to make us happen and there is no X-factor, there is no crazy beneficiary who’s going to keep us afloat with millions of millions of dollars; this really falls to “is this what the gaming community wants.”

It seems there isn’t much backing from his father in terms of finances but Gray learned everything he knows about game development by working close to Valve’s development teams, seeing how they work and create assets years over year.

We will let you know when more details about the game are shared.

Source: VNN

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