Fumito Ueda: The Last Guardian E3 Demo Was Completed In 2010 on PlayStation 3

The Last Guardian E3 demo was completed on PS3 back in 2010, according to Fumito Ueda.

The Last Guardian’s E3 demo was nothing short of impressive and once again we have our hopes up about the game’s release. However, the demo we saw was not exactly brand new, it was from 2010.

According to Fumito Ueda, the build shown was completed back in 2010 on PlayStation 3. However, when the development shifted to PlayStation 4, the demo was ported to the platform.

He also revealed that they created a completely new engine for The Last Guardian PS4. More interestingly, The Last Guardian featured a slow motion jump scene in the demo, developers aren’t yet sure to keep that in the game or not.

They sure should, if you ask me.

The game looks better than ever and it seems like it would finally make it to the market. The Last Guardian will release in 2016 for PlayStation 4.

A release date is yet to be revealed, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it come out it Fall 2016.

In related news, we were recently told that The Last Guardian features awesome wind effects and lighting.

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