From Software Is Including A Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Tutorial For The Game

From Software will be including a fully-fledged Sekiro Shadows Die Twice tutorial for the game to ease new players into its gameplay.

From Software has announced that they will be including a Sekiro Shadows Die Twice tutorial in order to help people get into the game when it releases, in a rather big change from their previous Soulsborne games. The tutorial will be in-depth as well, teaching players everything they can learn.

Previous Soulsborne game tutorials were very sink-or-swim in the method that they taught players in. Enemies in the very first stages were capable of killing you in a few blows, and you could die multiple times to the tutorial boss. It gave you the barest basics over how to move, attack, defend, and evade, but told you nothing about the various status ailments, resistances, and weights that players would figure out on their own.

Now, however, the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice tutorial is going to be helping players to actually learn everything before thrusting them into the game, which is a very big departure from how From Software normally works. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president of From Software, said without a hint of irony that tutorials weren’t the studio’s strong point, but that Activision was providing support.

Considering how many players often give up on Dark Souls because it’s too difficult, with a very steep learning curve, hopefully the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice tutorial is able to keep people in the game and teach them enough that they won’t find it as punishingly difficult as other Souls titles.

Sekiro promises to be a very big departure from previous Soulsborne games, as it’s a pre-established story with no character customization. Players will be taking on the role of a samurai whose lord has been kidnapped by an evil group who aims to use his blood for a sinister ritual. Missing an arm and having it replaced by a prosthetic, the samurai must fight to rescue his master.

Sekiro doesn’t have a set release date yet beyond sometime in early 2019, but hopefully when it releases it will be just as good as every From Software game before it.

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