August’s Free Playstation Plus Games Earn More Dislikes than Likes

The free Playstation Plus games that Sony is offering for August are leaving fans unimpressed as yet more bad offerings for supposedly "good" free games.

It must be hard being a Playstation Plus member, considering that your free Playstation Plus games appear to always be garbage. This month’s games, Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy, have had members of the program completely unimpressed as this month continues offering terrible games that no one in the program wants to play.

The system that Playstation uses for free Playstation Plus games is a direct counterpart to the Xbox “Games With Gold” program, where Xbox Live Gold members have the ability to get two free games a month. Recently, the advent of the console’s Backwards Compatibility program allows players the ability to possibly pick up four, which is more than the Playstation 4 can say.

The video that showed off the free games for August got overwhelmingly downvoted, as August’s offerings are a far cry from June and July, which saw players get the ability to play Gone Home and NBA 2K16, and Furi and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, respectively.

Their frustration is understandable. Tricky Towers is mainly just a Tetris rip-off, with its only unique mechanic being that the tower tilts and moves in the process. Rebel Galaxy is a space adventure sim that got fairly positive reviews, but compared to the other games that Playstation could be offering, it’s not much to look at.

Though summer’s offerings have been better, prior to this many other games had gotten the same reaction. May’s offerings, Tropico 5 and Table Top Racing World Tour on Playstation 4, also had its video overwhelmingly downvoted. April offered Dead Star and Zombi (the other console port to the Wii U’s ZombiU survival horror game). February and January also had similar problems, even when February offered Helldivers.

Compared to the Xbox’s own Games for Gold program, the free Playstation Plus games seem very lacking. This is especially true with August’s Games for Gold offerings, Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate and WWE 2K16 for the Xbox One, and Spelunky and Beyond Good and Evil HD for the Xbox 360.

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