Free to Play Pool Game Hustle Kings Announced for PS4

Xdev Studio has announced that they will be bring f2p pool title Hustle Kings to PS4. No release date has been announced yet.

The trend of releasing revamped versions of last generation games on current generation consoles continues, with the latest addition to the list being Hustle Kings.

The pool game created by VooFoo Studios was originally released for PS3 in 2009 and in a blog update today, Xdev Studio’s associate producer Neil McPhillips announced that the game would be releasing on PS4 pretty soon.

Since a game like pool is best played online with other players, Hustle Kings will be revamped to provide a better online experience as well as various PS4 exclusive features.

To ensure a large community for the game in order to help matchmaking, Hustle Kings will be available for free for all PS4 users which is pretty exciting news since who would like to spend 30-60$ on a pool game right?

The game will have 3 playable modes, practice mode for new players and for those who feel they are a bit rusty, a career mode to allow players to earn some in game money and get to know the game a little bit more.

The league mode will allow players to compete online with others and try to make it to the top of the Leaderboards.

The in-game money, Hustle Kings Credits can be earned through various ways including challenges, completing career mode objectives.

While the basic game package will be free to play, it’s obvious that micro transactions will be introduced to upgrade the game for a different play experience.

There is no fixed release date for the game yet but the developers have promised to continue developing it even after release and introduce various new game modes and events.

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