Forza Horizon Team Working On “Big Exclusive Game” According To Microsoft

Forza Horizon is a great series and people keep coming back for more. The new game in the franchise is coming out later this year but there seems to be another game that the developers are working on. Xbox games marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg talked in this regard but first, he praised the team that has worked on Forza Horizon. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

I think if you look at Playground and their pedigree and the way that they approach game development, the sense of purpose they put behind it, the care, the thoughtfulness…The team is so talented, and just know that same leadership and the same thought process, what they’re bringing to Seasons and just totally innovating open-world gaming with Forza Horizon 4. That same leadership, that same talent pool is gonna be driving influence on this second project.

Greenberg further went on to talk about the secret project that the developers behind Forza Horizon are working on as we speak. This is a secret project, so there is not much that we know about the game and Greenberg was very careful with his words. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

While it’s a secret project and I understand that you and probably all gamers out there the thing they want to know most about, we just ask for a little bit of patience, but know that making sure our world-class team is working on a big, big exclusive game for our fans, is something they should be excited about.

We are not sure which game this is going to be but fans speculate that this could be a Fable game. It is worth noting that the developer that worked on the previous games Lionhead Studios has shut down and the free-to-play game was canceled during development. Having that said, it would be great to see another game in the series.

Let us know what you think about Forza Horizon devs working on a new exclusive game. Do you think that this could be a new Fable game?

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